About Us


Garden Synthesis is the brand of Garden Synthesis Limited which is a child concern of Saydon Group of companies. Garden Synthesis does not manufacture any product on its own. However, Garden Synthesis is going to start manufacturing its own product within 2030.


The head office of Garden Synthesis is located in the heart of Los Banos city.

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Gardensynthesis does not depend on forums or reviews to write a review article. We do experiments on our own project “Nexturn Agro Tech” and publish our experiences here.

Our Mission

We will provide everything related to the gardening sector starting with the healthy seeds to the stable greenhouse setup. All types of products and services which are required to build a garden will be available with us.

Our Vision

We will be the one and only reliable company in this world for any kind of product or service related to gardening.

Where Are We Now?

For now, we are preparing the brand to launch with its own product. However, right now we are helping other companies listed on amazon to market their products. We collect the samples from the companies and tries ourselves. After that our marketing team develops content on the experience we have made.

We do not receive any payment from the companies for reviews. We only receive sample products. Our reviews are independent and unbiased.

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