How To Grow Money Plant Indoor


Money plant is one of the most popular indoor plants which can be grown in water or in soil.

The plant has a myriad of benefits; it acts as the absorbent of inimical radiations from electrical

Money plant plays an active role in relieving anxiety, tension as well as in curing sleep deprivation.

So while growing money plants indoors, significant consideration should be given to choosing soil
and the pot.

The size of the pot totally depends on the plant height to be grown.

If grown in soil, it should have a pH of between 6 to 7.5. Also, the soil should be chosen based on its capability of aeration and penetration.

However, watering the plant after 7-10 days is feasible as the water demand is not high. Money plant grows faster in lower and indirect light conditions.

They can’t endure extreme heat and this is why they are the best survivor inside the house. Furthermore, little extra humidity is more preferable for money plant.

In case of growing money plant in water, proper care should be taken.

The water level must be kept above the roots. It is crucial to change the water every week otherwise the plant will strive to survive.

Moreover, the growth will proliferate if the plant is kept close to sunlight.

No fertilizer is required for money plants in water.


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