Top 42 Best Inexpensive Garden Fencing Ideas


We all love to spend our leisure time in the garden while watching our kids running around it. Without a protective fence, it is a little bit risky for our kids. Adding a fence around the garden will make it aesthetically a decorative element.

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Pro To Install a Fence?

It is essential to know how much cost you will have to bear to install a fence. According to experts, the average price for fencing is around $2950. However, it can range from $1,668 up to $4,077. There are other additional costs you may need to bear based on your fencing idea.

But will our pocket allow us to spend as much money as we desire to spend? No worries, when you have the best inexpensive garden fencing ideas, you can accomplish your task without breaking your bank account.
This post will share some best cheap garden fencing ideas, which are perfect for most budgets. Let’s dive in!

42 Best Inexpensive Garden Fencing Ideas

Here we are mentioning some best cheap garden fencing ideas that can you can use to make a boundary around your garden. Remember, all ideas may not be suitable for your garden because other things are related to it.

1. Wire Mesh for Split Rail Fence

Tenax 60041989 Multi-Purpose Net, 3' x 50', Black

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Wire mesh is a highly durable material, using for a wide array of projects. It has high endurance level to withstand many powerful tornadoes that wreaked havoc.

Additionally, it has high flexibility to make it in different shapes, and you can bend it the way you want. Above all else, it is one of the least expensive products for garden fencing. Mesh is always a good option when you are looking for the best cheap garden fencing ideas.

Using wire mesh for spilled rail fences will ensure optimal safety for your garden and add fun too. This split rail fence will keep your fruits and vegetable plants safe from pets and finks.

2. Black Chain-link Fence

Fenpro Chain Link Fence Privacy Tape (Arctic White)

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Is your and your neighbor’s garden facing opposed to each other? If yes, a black chain-link fence is a good choice you can consider. This diamond-shaped mesh will separate your garden from your neighbor by creating a blur.

Plus, it will not disrupt the vision between the gardens. Hence, you can see everything from one side to another. Although this type of fence looks pretty attractive, you can create this fence with a reasonable budget.

3. Flexible Wires for Fencing

Tenax 72120546 Hex Poultry Fence, 3' x 25' Black , Green

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Many of us have pets at home. It is a daunting task always to monitor them. But keeping them in captivity is not a good idea. That’s why you can make a favorable environment in your garden so that they can play around.

But you need to keep them safe from nasty predators and make sure they stay around close to the garden. Fencing will be the ultimate solution for it. However, that doesn’t mean you will build a luxurious fence to fend off the predators.

Simple fencing with flexible wires can be an excellent solution for it with a pocket-friendly budget. They also have long durability and can cope up with different weather conditions.

4. Pre-made Pallet Fence

Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19001 No Dig Madison Vinyl Picket Fence, White, 30' x 56' (1 Box, 2 Panels), 1 x Pack of 2

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If you always maintain a busy schedule in your life, you want something like pre-made. Right? Because creating customized fences will consume a considerable time. A pallet fence is a preferred option in this situation since they are convenient to assemble.

Additionally, many people who were looking for the best inexpensive garden fencing ideas loved this one. Pallet Fences are incredibly durable with heavy load capacity.

Above all, they create a fancy and catchy appearance in your garden. You will surely love how the curvy lines line up with the kaleidoscopic flowers.

It creates a great entry path, too, with a stunning gate topped. This type of fence will keep the garden safe from children and pets while improving the outlook of your garden.

5. Old Shutter Fencing

Suncast 4 Freestanding Wicker Resin Reversible Outdoor Panel Screen Enclosure, Brown

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Are you redecorating your house while building a fence for your garden? Why don’t you just kill two birds with a single stone? Sound odd?

You are most probably changing the old shutters. You can use these shutters for garden fencing as they will be no use for your housing.

Using these shutters will not only save your money but also give you a real-homely feel for your garden. You can add some colorful small plants too. Furthermore, you can pick a beautiful color for painting too.

6. Traditional Timber

Sunnyglade 12 Pack Garden Edging Decorative Border Recycled Plastic Landscape Garden Fence Flexible No-Dig Spikes Ornamental Wrought Iron Style Decorative Border,Dark Green

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You can use many types of woods for fencings, such as Iroko, Teak, and Oak. These traditional timbers create a well-cared and tidy look for your garden. We are just replacing the woods with steel.

What’s more, they provide considerable privacy for being pretty dense. As per your requirement, you have full freedom to choose a specific wood planks’ height.

Depending on your preference, you are free to add some painting too. If you wish to add some artwork, you can do that too. An exciting way to expand your garden is to hang planters on the fence.

7. Decorative Fence

Garden Land Expandable Fence Privacy Screen for Balcony Patio Outdoor,Decorative Faux Ivy Fencing Panel,Artificial Hedges (Single Sided Leaves)…

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When you hear “decorative” words, you might be thinking you are away from budget-friendly garden fencing ideas. But you are actually not. Ornamental fencing can be budget-friendly too.

You can give a simple ornamental design with black color. It will create a classic appearance to grab people’s attention.

8. Pallet Fence

Topeakmart Wood Picket Garden Fence Edging Fencing Garden Yard Border Edging Panels Posts Flower Plants Pool Fences 177.5 x 21.7’’ (LxW)

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Many gardeners picked pallet fences while looking for the best inexpensive garden fencing ideas. Why? Because they take less time while being economical.

However, sometimes making flat-lining fences using pallet woods is a tedious task. To bring perfect harmony, you can choose a lucrative color. If it still doesn’t look appealing, add some colorful flower plants to improve the overall appearance.

9. Natural Bamboo Fence

Mininfa Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence, Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fencing, 0.7 in D x 4 feet High x 6 feet Long, Bamboo Screen for Garden, Privacy

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Natural bamboo is one of the top choices for gardeners searching for the best cheap garden fencing ideas. You will find them not only at a reasonable price but are also attractive.

However, natural bamboo fences won’t allow you to see everything clearly, like wire mesh. Nevertheless, it can’t stop you from picking this idea for your garden fencing if you are a fan of the traditional look. You can add some vibrant colors with a natural finish.

With proper maintenance, they can even last around 20 years or even more. Hence, it is truly a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for your fencing.

10. White Picket Fence

Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19056 No Dig Roger Rabbit Garden Fence (3 Pack), White

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For many years, American homeowners have erected white picket fences around their houses. People in America still use this fence as they symbolize iconic status for them. The installation cost for white picket fences is comparatively less than another modern fencing.

This fencing idea goes well in different types of gardens. If you have a modern or cottage farmhouse, it will make it more stunning. In addition, taking care of these fences is hassle-free. As for the durability can last 15-20 years depending upon your maintenance method and environment.

11. 4-rail Wooden Fence

Greenes Fence RC84N-24C Garden Stakes, 4 Foot - 25 Pack, Wood

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If you have livestock, 4-rail wooden fences are a great choice due to their strength and resistance. More importantly, they are pretty simple to construct in a short time.

Advantages of this fence include the ability to reduce the movement of sheep and cows. As a result, you don’t need to monitor them continuously while ensuring their safety from predators. So if you are on the hunt for the best cheap garden fencing ideas, you can’t go wrong with this option.

12. Hog Cord Fence

Greenes Fence RCCG4PK CritterGuard Cedar Garden Fence, Pack of 4, 23.5'

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If you want to ensure some personal privacy in your garden, a hog cord fence is a good idea. Building this mesh-style fence is simple and time-saving.

You just need to put together all the supporting parts of a fence and attach each vertical element with iron sheeting. By using this type of fence, you ensure privateness.

13. Piano-style Fence

Deflect-O DEFLECTO RC41 6 by 10' Cedar Lawn Edging

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Many styles may pop up from your head while searching for the best inexpensive garden fencing ideas. But building a piano-style fence will bring your unforgettable childhood memories.

You can easily build piano-style fences around your garden with only some white picket fences. Nobody can stop you from receiving admiration from your neighbors.

14. Beadboard Paneling Fence

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Nothing is more convenient than enjoying your privacy in your garden while sipping a cup of tea serenely. If you want to enjoy this type of environment in your garden, build a high picket fence with beadboard paneling. No one can spy on you while you feel free to stay private.

15. Wire Mesh with Iron Sheeting

Feitore Deer Fence Netting, 7 x 100 Feet Bird Netting Anti Bird Deer Protection Net Reusable Protective Garden Netting for Plants Fruit Trees Vegetables Against Birds, Deer and Other Animals

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Just because you have a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t implement your creativity. As you are looking for the best cheap garden fencing ideas, wire mesh with iron sheeting can be an effective fencing style for your garden. This DIY project is pretty straightforward to build. No complexity! No expert help is required.

16. Wood Planks Fence

Centennial Woods Reclaimed Wood Planks, Gray/Cinnamon/Brown Wooden Wall Planks, Cody Finish, 20 Square Feet

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Have you ever thought of wood planks for fencing? Why not? To make your wooden fence attractive, you can use metal between the woods. Keep some gap if you want to see through it.

17. Tire Fence

Tire Fence for garden Fencing

Tire fencing idea is all about creative thinking. The more creativity you can show for building a fence, the more beautiful it will be.

Adding tire fencing will create a rustic character for your garden. Luckily, you don’t need to buy new tires if you have old ones. Just collect all the recycled tires you have been storing until now.

Then stack them together by placing them one after another. Keep the height 3-4 inches to avoid overdoing it. Put some small veggies or flower plants under the tires to bring a compelling appearance. That’s it!

Simple yet aesthetic!

18. Vegetable Fencing

Yaheetech 6Pcs 20 x 20 inch Artificial Boxwood Panels Topiary Hedge Plant UV Protected Privacy Hedge Screen for Garden,Home,Fence,Backyard and Decorations Green

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Do you have vegetable plants in your garden? Are you wondering how to protect them from kids and pets while ensuring a unified look for the garden?

Then use 3 or 4 inches picket fences to create fresh borders around your beautiful garden. Make sure to choose curvy edges fences as they look more enchanting to go well with everything. You can make the wood color a little bit greenish to make it compatible with the green plants.

19. Prefab Fence

Sunnyglade 6 feet x 50 feet Privacy Screen Fence Heavy Duty Fencing Mesh Shade Net Cover for Wall Garden Yard Backyard (6 ft X 50 ft, Green)

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To build a prefab fence, you need pre-made steel and wood fence panels together or either of them. Both of them work impressively well to bring harmony to your garden. According to many experts, it is a cheap yet long-lasting fence idea.

20. Marble Fence

Marble Fence for garden Fencing

You are wondering how to bring a luxury outlook with a limited budget? In fact, you don’t need to spend additional money as the material is already in your house.

Grab those beautiful marbles from your drawer and use them on your dull fence to make it a functional and shiny fence. The effect is always magical, regardless of the type of fence you have.

21. Wattle Fencing

Wattle Fencing for garden Fencing

Do you have goats in your garden? Wattle fencing is a suitable option when you merely want to spend any money. As they are directly collected from sticks, they are incredibly cheap.

You just need to follow a practical DIY method to use them for fencing properly. If you successfully build a fence using them, they can even last up to 15 years.

Master Garden Products RWB-24 Rolled Willow Border Fence, 2 by 14-Feet, Brown

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You can use flexible suckers or saplings and slender willow trees to build this England-origin traditional fencing style.

22. Big Wood Logs Fence

FOREVER BAMBOO Natural Eucalyptus Wood Solid Log for Landscaping Edging, Lawn Garden Fence Borders, 72 in. L x 6 in. H x 1.25 in. D (6)

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Suppose you are badly in need of building a decent fence around your garden. But it is not in your budget to purchase expensive items to make a costly fence.

In that case, a big wood logs fence is an appropriate option. It will give you what you are hunting for, for a long time. In fact, it is one of the best pocket-friendly garden fencing ideas.

Building this type of fence is easy-proven. You just need to take big wood logs, heap them together in the garden, and make a border.

Make sure you keep them essentially tall by stacking at least four wood logs one after another. Also, keep them in a steady position to knock down or jump over automatically.

23. Wrought Iron

Sunnydaze 2-Piece Spear Top Garden Landscape Metal Border Fence, Black, 29 Inches x 37 Inches Per Panel, 6 Feet Overall

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If you want to create a dramatic appearance in your garden, wrought iron fencing is a brilliant choice. During the early Industrial Age, it was one of the most common fencing styles.

Though it is an affordable option, it isn’t the best inexpensive option. Select from thicker to decorative balusters, distinctly perpendicular posts. In addition, use this fencing style with hedging to cut down the cost.

24. Vinyl Fencing

LATTICE FENCE Solar 4 Piece Outdoor Flexible Waterproof Garden Edging Border White

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If you are looking for one of the most durable materials for fencing from our best inexpensive garden fencing ideas, Vinyl is an excellent choice.

Though Vinyl was not historically as popular as metal or wood, it has gained immense popularity recently. Due to technological improvement and creative DIY projects, you can build a stunning and modern Vinyl fence.

Apart from being extremely durable, they are lightweight and simple to assemble. They are also not easily vulnerable to termites. You can create a wide array of styles and paint different types of colors on them.

25. Concrete Fencing

HEMOTON Fence Concrete Mold Fence Border Edging Concrete Mould Garden Fencing Brick Molding DIY Brick Cement Mold for Flower Courtyard Lawn Pond

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Concrete fencing is another super sturdy and long-lasting fencing idea you can apply. They ensure enhanced privacy while being an economical fencing choice. As they are super strong, they can withstand storms or winds.

Use real concrete for optimum coverage. You can also use wood or brick along with concrete t bring diversity to the design. However, you may need expert helps for diversification, which will add extra cost.

26. Living Fences

Living Fences for garden Fencing

If you are a fan of greenish and want to go for an environmentally friendly option, you can use plants to build a fence around the garden.

Different types of hedge plants are available for living fences, but boxwood or private is the recommended option from experts. You can purchase these trees from nearby local stores or a landscaping company.

27. A Chunky Bamboo Retaining Wall

A Chunky Bamboo Retaining Wall for garden Fencing

Bamboo is well-known in landscape design. A large number of bamboos are cut down into sticks and then arranging them into together side by side. All bamboo sticks are appropriately cut, and then use ropes to wrap them up.

Forever Bamboo Bamboo Poles 2in D x 8ft L (10Pieces)

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28. Two-Story Metal and Wire Fence

Amagabeli Decorative Garden Fence Outdoor Coated Metal Rustproof 32in x 10ft Landscape Wrought Iron Wire Border Folding Patio Fences Flower Bed Fencing Barrier Section Panels Decor Picket Edging Black

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If you want to keep beautiful plants safe from pets and pests, you may want to try a double-decker deer-proof fence. To make this type of garden fence, you will use high-grade metal and wire. It should have a decent height so that deer can’t enter inside it.

29. Brush Fence

Brush Fence for Garden Fencing

Brush fences are another traditional fencing style that you can implement in your garden. Generally, you stack cleared brushwood to build this type of garden hence.

Several green plants you can add to make a brushed fence, such as lanky veggies or other small plants. You need to wait several weeks until they gain a decent height and width to create a boundary around the garden.

Raffia Ribbon 300g,Natural Raffia Grass Ribbons for Florist Bouquets Decoration,Gift Wrapping,Gift Box Filler,Craft DIY (6x50g)

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Once the brush fencing procedure is completed, it is difficult to pass through or enter them due to their dense thicket branches and twigs.

30. Dry Stone Wall

Beistle Brick Stone Wall Photography Backdrop Textured Look Photo Op Background for Weddings-Halloween Party Decorations, 4' x 30', Gray/Black

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Dry stone is an archaic method to build a garden fence. You can use different types of stones of various sizes and shapes to create this type of mounted or self-sustaining wall. You don’t need to use any mortar holding to support them.

Keep flattered and bigger stones one after another carefully and fill the gaps between them by using the small rocks. These dry stone walls are visible from a distance, and they can last several years easily for being super solid and durable. Though it is an uncomplicated method to learn, it is time-consuming to become an expert on it.

31. Decorating with Flowers

Decorating with Flowers for garden Fencing

Decorating with flowers can be one of the best inexpensive garden fencing ideas. Flowers are compatible with any garden fence. They will smarten up the overall appearance of your garden.

True Latch 6' Telescopic Gate Brace - Wood Privacy Fence Anti Sag Gate Kit - Gate Hardware Kit for Outdoor Wooden Fence Gates, 1 PATENTED USA made brace (6' Telescopic (40' - 74'), Hammered Grey)

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Adding different types of flowers in various colors willfully make the best use of the space. You can add some potted flower plants on the ground and hang some of them on the fence wall.

32. Artificial Screens

Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden 94x59-inch Artificial Faux Ivy Hedge Leaf and Vine Privacy Fence Wall Screen - Green

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Artificial screens can be a perfect choice if you want to create a green perimeter or border for a garden fence. No panic; you don’t need to take care of it heavily.

This idea for fencing is much affordable and can help you to hide horrible fence walls. For example, you may have placed a bin box near the garden. You can cover it using the artificial screen.

33. Recycled Items for Fencing

Recycled Items for Fencing for garden Fencing

As you are looking for the best cheap garden fencing ideas, cutting down the cost might be your ultimate preference. Using recycled items will not only save your money but also give you scope to improve your creativity.

While looking for reused items for fencing, give more preference to an eco-friendly solution. For example, if you have corrugated metal at home, you can use them to build the fence for your garden. They can provide considerable privacy and protection.

34. Bricks for Fencing

Garden Elements True Form Plastic Flex-Wall Landscape Edging (1, Greystone)

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Many of us still prefer to use vintage decoration, whether it is for homes or gardens. So why shouldn’t we use bricks as a simple design? Right?

This study material ensures excellent stability no matter whatever the weather condition is. They will surely last several decades even if you are living in a bad-storm area.

The biggest advantage of bricks is that it provides exceptional privacy and safety than other fencing ideas. You will not notice any gap between them.

35. Gabion Fence

Gabion Fence for garden Fencing

Gabion fence is another effective way to create boundaries around your garden. It is practical and cost-effective, suited to a variety of garden types.

The process of gabion fencing is a little bit different than others. Here you will use various types of stones and rocks in different colors to create a beautiful pattern. You are free to choose any style based on your garden type and your preference.

Festnight Gabion Basket U-Shape Galvanised Steel Planter Fencing Wire Patio Stone Wire Garden Outdoor Landscape Fence Walls Panels 63 x 7.9 x 59.1 Inches (L x W x H)

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Many people make a combination of gabion fence and timber fence panels to bring diversity to their garden.

36. Make Fence Colorful

colorful fences for garden

Be creative in beautifying your garden with some colors. You can use different colors wooden panels to bring vibrancy to your garden.

Add small shelves on the fence to place different types of flower pots. Apart from that, paint harmonious colors all across the fence wall to bring a balance.

Rust-Oleum 329211 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint 30 oz, 30 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Farmhouse Red

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Bold grey, cool blue, bright yellow, prominent black, etc are the top colors to refresh your fence wall.
Simple Wooden Panels

37. Simple Wooden Pannel

Veranda 6 ft. x 6 ft. Somerset Privacy Vinyl Fence Panel

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Not all prefer to use heavy design for their garden fencing. Instead, they prefer a plain and simple design with a modern outlook.

Wooden panels are the perfect choice to serve that purpose. They will ensure a fresh and clean look for your garden fencing without overdoing it.

Make borders for fencing by using thick planks or panels. You can also add extra thin sheets of wood or thicker strips of wood for making internal fencing.

38. Wood Pallets

Teacher Created Resources Dark Wood Straight Rolled Border Trim - 50ft - Decorate Bulletin Boards, Walls, Desks, Windows, Doors, Lockers, Schools, Classrooms, Homeschool & Offices

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Wood pallets are arguably is one of the best inexpensive garden fencing ideas for people who love to use wood.

You don’t need similar types and colors of wooden pallets for fencing. Instead, you are free to add variations in terms of colors and wood types to make it more unique.

Don’t place them in horizontal or vertical positions like typical design. Instead, create inverted V patterns as it is pretty easy to assemble in this way.

39. Vertical Lined Wood Panels for Fencing

Coeur d Alene Accent Wall in a Box - Gray Rustic Boards - 25 Sq Ft

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Here we come again with another wood-related idea for fencing. For this creative fencing idea, you will place all the wooden panels vertically side by side without any gap between them.

Here, you can also use different types of wood in various colors. You don’t need to paint them all to make the same colors. Their original color will bring uniqueness to fencing.

40. Trellis Fence

GLANT Lattice Fence Willow Expandable Plant Climbing Lattices Trellis Fence,Open Screen Willow Fencing,Willow Expandable Trellis Fence (1)

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When you want to bring natural lighting to your garden, a trellis fence is one of the best cheap garden fencing ideas you can consider. This type of fence creates an appealing look in your garden.

However, you need to compromise privacy as your garden can be seen through from the opposite side. You can use different climbing plants like honeysuckle, clematis, sweet peas, etc.

Aside from building a trellis fence, you can also use solid fence panels to ensure proper privacy in a particular area of your garden.

41. Low-Level Fence

Greenes Fence 18 in. Half Log Edging (6 Pack)

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Low-level fencing has already become a trendy thing among gardening enthusiasts in the last few years. Most of them are 5ft or even 4ft.

Using this type of lap fence panel will cut down your garden fencing cost while creating a perfect boundary between your garden and your neighbor’s garden. If you think the fencing style is too low in height, you can add a trellis topper above it.

42. Quilted Contender

Sunnyglade 6 feet x 50 feet Privacy Screen Fence Heavy Duty Fencing Mesh Shade Net Cover for Wall Garden Yard Backyard (6 ft X 50 ft, Green)

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Are you looking for a fully functional garden fencing idea that won’t disrupt the vision? If yes, a quilted contender can be your ultimate choice.

Taking on the layout of a quilt, the pattern of this large border resembles a quilt. The usage of thin chicken wire ensures a transparent see-through while being tall and large. It isn’t only a protective fence but also a decent-looking fencing idea.

Wrapping Up

Which fencing idea seems more appealing and easy for you? Whatever fencing ideas you choose, make sure it goes well with your garden pattern. Hopefully, you will select the perfect one from our best inexpensive garden fencing ideas. Thanks for reading!

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