Top 10 Best Smelling Houseplants To Grow Indoor


After a hectic day or a busy schedule, we always find peace in our home: home, where we can breathe peacefully, and the place where we spend most of our time. Now think, if we can add the essence of a little bit of nature in our house, wouldn’t it be more peaceful and refreshing? Right, houseplants are something that can snugly give a punch in this peace, even better when it serves fragrance as well.

Houseplants allow refreshment into our home and add color, aesthetic pleasure, and augment the decoration of our house.

Scented Geranium

They are popular for the amazing fragrance they offer. They grow faster and have a certain tolerance to varieties of soil and adverse conditions. They also offer ornamental leaves with a soft and fuzzy appearance, which is best suited for our house to decorate. Whenever you would come closer to this plant, you can’t help touching and brushing against it.

You can grow them well if you keep them in moist condition (not much water but some). The soil must be moist, and they need sufficient light to grow beautifully, not much in case they become leggy and long. They will grow up to 3 feet. Scented Geranium can be placed in any windowsill facing any direction but north.

Tips: Don’t place it in icy condition; otherwise, it will die.

Arabian Jasmine

Arabian Jasmine, Jasminum sambac is a white, starry, fragrant flower which can grow all around the year if you serve them adequate light. The leaves are ovate in shape and wide. They can grow up to 2-10 feet tall. They are used in making jasmine tea and necklace in Hawaii as well. These evergreen vines or shrubs can grow on a trellis or in an arching mound. They need adequate passing of sun and light and also moist soil with proper drainage.


Any blossoms of citrus like orange, lemon, grapefruit will make you fall in love with the sweet scent. Many of them are grown indoor because they are easy to nurse and grow. They give us adequate homegrown fruits, and if you have a patient in your house, it should be an advantage. A good position containing sufficient light and humidity is needed for their growth, and they generally grow up to 10 feet tall. It will take a little bit more time to grow if they are grown from the seed.


Many people don’t think of it as a good choice of being a house plant. But when it blooms and offers its fragrance, it can be a magnificent showpiece in your house at any suitable place. It will enhance your home decoration ten times than before. It will grow well if it’s placed in a space full of sunlight and adequate moist soil. The place should be balanced in temperature (not too hot or too cold). This plant can catch your eyes by its fascinating beauty of bluish-grey leaves with the aroma it presents. It will grow up to 10 feet tall.

Sweet Bay

Sweet bay, Laurus nobilis, a shrub, will attract you with its cute and small tree-like structure, spreading a tangy herbal fragrance. It will enhance the look of your house and also spreads refreshment by keeping it at any corner. Some delicious Winter edibles like stew, soup, etc., can be made of the sweet bay’s petals. It can be kept at cold temperatures in a quiescent period. It doesn’t need to water frequently. Just watering once a week is enough to keep it moist. It generally grows around 30 feet.


Gardenia is a trendy plant around the world for its mesmerizing fragrant and lovely appearance. It will surely attract your attention when the white flowers peep from the shiny and glossy green petals. The flowers have a heavy flowery scent as well. Using a little bit of fertilizer during summer and spring, you can grow your plant more beautifully. Generally, gardenia is renowned as an outdoor plant, but if you keep it in a good environment and take good care of it, it can be grown indoors. It can grow up to 6 feet and have to protect it from an imbalanced temperature of territory.


When it comes to wedding bouquets, you can say stephanotis is a must there. If you are patient enough, then you can grow stephanotis in your home because it comparatively grows slower than other vines. It attracts more because of its starry white wax-like flowers and shiny green leaves with a pleasant flowery fragrance. It can grow approximately 20 feet.

Orange Jasmine

Orange Jasmine, Murraya Paniculata can be enjoyed as a foliage plant and a flowery plant as well, so you can please both your eyes and nose at the same time. When used as a foliage plant, the leaves attract with their shiny green look, and after blooming of flowers, it presents a heavy orange blossom-like fragrance that can spread all over your house. Orange jasmine desires a space with bright light and high moisture, and the space between watering should remain dry.


Not all begonias will serve you scent, so be careful while buying begonia and choose “Tea Rose,” which has fragrance. The old-fashioned begonias provide a cluster of pink beautiful flowers spread over their shiny green leaves. The pink color of the flowers offers you a delightful territory. Begonias need to water and fertilize regularly, especially in summer and spring, if you want to grow them properly. The light should be at a medium to high rate, and moisture should be even on soil. It can grow up to 1 foot.

Corsage orchids

Do you want to brighten up your morning? Then you shouldn’t think about anything else but corsage orchids. They are one of the best among houseplants, which have attractive appearances with bright yellow containing highlights of maroon in it and lovely fragrance. They are so beautiful to look at that you would forget to blink your eyes. New Cattleya Orchid hybrid has been carrying the culture of the USA for being given to each First Lady since 1992. It would prefer watering and fertilizing regularly in summer and spring and should keep cold during fall. Medium to high humidity is the preference for growth, and it can grow up to 2 feet.

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