Can Police Detect Grow Tents Growing Marijuana?

by Lee Safin

Marijuana is one of the most popular vegetative plants in the world. But due to some illusional effects of marijuana most, countries banned it and identified it as an abusive drug. However, marijuana can be a helpful substitute for many diseases. But that’s not our topic.

The golden question is “can police detect or Track grow tents that growing marijuana?

Yes, the police can detect or Track grow tents that are growing marijuana with their technology. The thermal scan can only sense the heat of the place which reflects the presence of plants. But it does not detect the type of plant growing in the grow tent.

Can Police Detect Grow Tents Growing Marijuana?
Can Police Detect Grow Tents Growing Marijuana?

How Police Detect Someone Growing Cannabis?

If you are growing cannabis like marijuana you will need certain equipment. However, you may need 600 watts bulb in your grow tent to grow marijuana. The technology US police have is IR which can detect thermal signatures from 40 feet high.

In normal grow tents you may not use more than 100 watts bulb to generate heat where to grow marijuana you definitely need 600 watts bulb. The IR scanner can detect this much heat and can identify the place through a helicopter.

How Can You Grow Marijuana in Grow Tent Without Being Detected by Police?

If you are willing to grow marijuana in grow tent and also want to stay undetected then you should follow our secret steps.

Don’t try to be over-smart. Just follow in our footsteps.

Step 1 – Dig a 20 feet Bunker

We don’t have time to waste. Let’s start.

Take your shovel and other types of equipment to dig a 20 feet bunker in your lawn. If you are willing to make it easier you can use the “Battery Powered Remote Control Construction Tractor Metal” which can help you to dig quickly.

Step 2 – Place a 3×3 Thermal Grow Tent

If you place any other grow tent it will emit the heat outside which will make the full process a failure. However, I am suggesting a tent which will fit perfectly in your 20 feet Bunker.

MARS HYDRO Grow Tent is the perfect one for the mission of growing marijuana. Why it’s best you can check in the following link – Best grow tents in 2023.

So, we already got the place where we will grow the marijuana but our prime target is hiding the heat signature thus it can not be detected by IR.

Step 3 – Wrap It With Aluminum Sheet

The grow tent we suggested already has the features to hide the heat but for extra precaution, we will wrap it will aluminum foil. You can not use a random aluminum foil.

You must use Reflective Mylar Films 82 x 47 Inch, which is the best of the bests to hide the emitting heat signature.

Step 4 – Make a Ventilator on the Sheet

We are hiding the heat but they need some release. To do that you will cut a portion of the foil after wrapping it. Where you will make the cut?

The place where the grow tent having the ventilator, you will make the cut at the same place. Do not detach the foil. You must use it as a window. You will keep both of them open at the night and will keep them shut down during the day.

Eventually, when you will see that danger is coming you will close the window.

Step 5 – Make a Door and Stair to go to the Downstairs

How To Make Downstairs In Lawn To Grow Marijuana
How To Make Downstairs In Lawn To Grow Marijuana

In our house, we have a basement and we have a wooden pullable door to go there. Similarly, you will make a wooden pullable door and stair to go to the tent.

You must keep the door open always in the nighttime.

Step 6 – Hide the Door with Grass Carpet

When danger is here you will shut the wooden door and place the grass carpet.

Wrapping Up

I hope you got the answer of your question “Can Police Detect Grow Tents Growing Marijuana?”

By following these six simple steps you can easily hide your grow tent from the police. If you need further assistance, email us.

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Lee Safin was born near Sacramento, California on a prune growing farm. His parents were immigrants from Russia who had fled the Bolshevik Revolution. They were determined to give their children a better life than they had known. Education was the key for Lee and his siblings, so they could make their own way in the world. Lee attended five universities, where he studied plant sciences and soil technologies. He also has many years of experience in the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a commercial fertilizer formulator.

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