Can You Use A Lawn Spreader For Grass Seed?


Lawn spreaders are mainly used to spread fertilizers on your garden soil equally and quickly. They come in two types:

If you own a huge lawn or your garden area is big, a broadcast lawn spreader is a better option. But when targeting a particular area, a drop lawn spreader is the best.

Can you use a lawn spreader for grass seed?

Yes, using a lawn spreader for grass seed is absolutely okay. A lawn spreader is either used for spreading fertilizer or grass seeds. A handheld broadcast spreader is the best choice for spreading grass seeds on your lawn for the whole area.

Knowing how the procure works are essential if you consider using a lawn spreader for grass seed. Knowing the right method of spreading grass seed with a lawn spreader will help you make your job easier and safe. This post will help you on the best way of using a lawn spreader for spreading grass seeds.

Can You Use A Lawn Spreader For Grass Seed?

Can You Use Lawn Spreader For Grass Seed?

You are not supposed to encounter any issue using a lawn spreader for grass seed. The reason is that grass seed is one of the organic and natural type fertilizers. So, you can spread grass seeds evenly and quickly with a lawn spreader.

In fact, many garden experts recommend using lawn spreaders for grass seed. Using the tools allows you to distribute grass seeds equally within a short time. If you want to do it manually with your hands, it takes several hours when your lawn is huge.

Additionally, spreading grass seeds too much in one area while too low in another site won’t happen if you use a lawn spread. So, multiple benefits will result from it. You don’t need to buy an extra tool for spreading grass seeds. The existing device is enough!

What Setting Do I Put My Spreader On For Grass Seed?

What Setting Do I Put My Spreader On For Grass Seed?

So, you have learned the basic idea about” Can you use a lawn spreader for grass seed?” A lawn or fertilizer spreader comes in multiple settings. Knowing the right setting is essential to disseminate grass seeds properly.

Following the wrong settings will lead to catastrophe. So, which setting should you use? According to many horticulturists, a setting of 5 ½ seems a more convenient and user-friendly option to spread grass seeds. It is mostly applicable for the old lawn.

But choosing the same setting for the new lawn is completely wrong. A setting of 4 would be the best because the new lawn is not as long as the old one. This is a typical setting.

However, the setting may slightly vary due to manufacturers making procedure. It could be more or less when they introduce the latest machinery or tools.

Do You Have To Use A Spreader For Grass Seed?

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Many new gardeners wonder, is it mandatory to use a spreader for grass seed? It depends on the size of your lawn and how much they have grown.

Your lawn’s thickness is another important factor to consider. Is there is any gap among the gap, or are they closely grown?

If your lawn has become already become fully grown, you may not want to plant a large number of grass seeds. In that case, you don’t need to use a spreader. Your hands are enough.

You can use your bare hands to plant grass seeds on your garden soil. Let the germination process begin and grow the grass.

Though it is not compulsory to use a spreader, using it gives you multiple benefits. You can spread seeds more quickly and efficiently. No uneven or unbalanced seed distribution will happen.

So, how about a spreader, even if you don’t need to plant a large number of grass seeds? In place of utilizing your bare hands, you can use a portable lawn spreader for fast and efficient grass seed spreading. Perfect for domestic purposes!

Can You Spread Grass Seed With A Drop Spreader?

Can You Spread Grass Seed With A Drop Spreader?

Spreading grass seeds with a drop spreader is easy-going and hassle-free. Instead of using your bare hands, you can utilize this efficient tool to spread grass seeds.

You want to gently pressure the machine on the area where you want to spread grass seeds. You will achieve a balanced grass seeds distribution.

Drop spreaders are particularly effective when you want to plant grass seeds on a particular area of your lawn.

Nevertheless, cautiousness is crucial while using the machine. This type of machine features an “off” position. Make sure your drop spreader is on the “off” position before you will spread grass seeds.

You can spread the lawn spreader efficiently if you keep it in the “on” position while using the machine. An abundance of lawn spreading will occur due to this approach.

Can I Spread Grass Seed With A Scotts Spreader?

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If you want us to name a commonly-used spreader globally, we will first tell you about Scotts spreaders. So, why do people use spreads from this particular brand? The answer is simple. They made high-quality, durable, reliable, and efficient machines.

A Scotts spreader is one of the best choices for grass seeds. Why? Their user-friendless and high functionality make them more dependable. No risk! No failures!

Scotts spreaders come in various models, from drop spreader to push-type spreader to Easygreen shaker to hand-operated broadcast spreader.

Which Spreader Is Best For Grass Seed?

A wide range of spreaders is available in the market for grass seeds. They are different in size, construction, and control.

It must be on your mind, which is the most suitable grass seed spreader? After discussing with few garden experts, we finally picked two high-quality and user-friendly spreaders.

Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push-type Smartspreader

Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader

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A large number of gardeners use this spreader around the world. This smart spreader is well-made and can exceed your expectation with its performance.

Spreading fertilizers or grass seeds is easy-going with this beast. The unit is particularly helpful if you have a huge lawn. Its large capacity can do the job conveniently. You will appreciate its 3m spreading width; covering areas becomes hassle-free.

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus

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It is another popular lawn spreader, perfect for spreading grass seeds. Though it is not much a powerful device, it can do the job of spreading grass seeds easily.

The unit is mostly perfect for a small yard in your home garden. Above all, it is handy to control and available at a budget-friendly pricing option. Beginners will love this spreader more than many options.

What Setting Should I Use On Scotts Edgegaurd For Grass Seed?

Do you own a Scotts Edgegaurd and thinking of the right way to use grass seed? The good news is that choosing the correct setting does not require much thought.

“Option 8” is a suitable option if you want to reseed the lawn. Getting your desired result may not be possible if you choose more or less than 8.

On the other hand, “Option 14” could be a better selection if you are spreading grass seeds for a new lawn. It is only effective when you are planting grass seeds for the first time.

How to Find Your Scotts Spreader Settings?

You can easily find Scotts ® Spreader Settings from the spreader packaging and its info pages online.

If you lost the package, you figure it out from the official website of Scotts.

Steps How to Find Your Scotts Spreader Settings
Step - 1 First of all, you want to visit their website.
Step - 2 Choose the spreader model, which you are using.
Step - 3 Lastly, go to the "Details & Usage" tab to find the Spreader Settings.

How Do Grass Seed Spreader Work?

What Setting Do I Put My Spreader On For Grass Seed?

A grass seed spreader helps you distribute seeds or fertilizer in a particular area or the full site of your yard. When grass seed spreaders were not invented, people used to use their bare hands to disperse hands.

However, it wasn’t effective. People would spread an excessive amount of seeds on some spots, while a low amount in other areas. That’s why gardeners felt the necessity of spreader machines.

Using a lawn spreader means you prevent needlessly wasting the material. The reason is that you can control the amount of seeds you will spread along with particular width.

How to Use Grass Seed Spreader?

Can You Use Lawn Spreader For Grass Seed?

Using a grass seed spreading should not be a problem if you know how to use it. This handy and flexible machine is suitable to use for various granulated materials, apart from grass seed.

However, distributing all sizes of materials may not be possible for a particular spreader. Each spreader features adjustment settings to increase or decrease the size as per the type of granulated material you want to disperse. Spreading can also be customized according to your speed preferences.

So, before using the seed spreader, you must calculate the size of your grass seeds or other granulated materials. Then, adjust the setting based on it.


Are you still wondering about “Can you use a lawn spreader for grass seed?” Probably, not. We have discussed it and other related topics to provide you precise details on it.

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