Does Weed Killer Kill Nettles? How To Kill Nettles with Weed Killer?


Do you know what are nettles? Nettles are nothing but a genre of weeds. The scientific name of the plant nettle is (Urtica dioica). However, across the globe, the plant is scattered everywhere. The leaves are useful as a herbal medicinal source and the tree is quite useful in the textile and cosmetics industries.

Now the burning question is “does weed killer kill nettles?”

Yes! the weed killer does kill nettles. But for most of the weed killers, it’s quite impossible to kill nettles at a time. You may need continuous reapplication to kill the nettles permanently.

Does Weed Killer Kill Nettles?

Does Weed Killer Kill Nettles?

As we already said, the weed killer does kill nettles. But for most of the weed killers, it’s quite impossible to kill nettles at a time. You may need continuous reapplication to kill the nettles permanently.

The efficiency of the weed killers on nettles depends on the strength of the root channels of the nettles. So, you may multiple applications of the weed killer.

Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is a nutritious plant, which native area is Europe and Asia. But you will see them now in almost all parts of the world. However, this invasive plant tends to spread rapidly and unacceptably. That’s why it is not a piece of cake to get rid of them easily.

Does weed killer kill nettles?

Yes, weed killers can kill nettles. But permanently removing them is a bit challenging as they are invasive in nature. Plus, using chemical-based weed killers excessively will hamper the soil and plants. That’s why you want to use them moderately to control their growth.

Let’s go for a deep explanation to learn everything about “Does weed killer kill nettles?

You can use both organic and chemical-based weed killers to kill nettles. However, organic options are better than chemical-based products.

Nettle roots thrive deeply under the soil and absorb essential nutrients, making the soil less fertile. That’s why when you want to ensure proper growth for other plants, it is necessary to get rid of the soonest.

When choosing a weed killer for killing nettles, it must contain glyphosate ingredients. This ingredient is an extremely efficient and powerful herbicide. It can kill stinging nettle fast.

Since they are highly powerful, you want to keep other plants safe while spraying the formula to nettles.

How To Kill Nettles With Weed Killer? Step By Step Guide

How To Kill Nettles With Weed Killer?

Since the growth of stinging nettle is rapid, they may excessively grow in your garden in no time. The sooner you kill them, the better it is.

If stinging nettles grew excessively, you want first to take out the whole plant from the root. Remember, keeping even a single stem or any ground touch root will enable them to grow again.

That’s why you want first to take out nettles from the ground. After that, spray some solid a systemic weed killer, which contains glyphosate.

So, when should you use weed killer to get rid of nettles? According to most experts, using it just before summer or at the beginning of summer will give effective results. Also, don’t forget to use it again in September.

Check out any nettles, especially in the next spring. If necessary, dip up the soil in few inches to remove their roots from the ground.

To kill nettles with weed killers you need to follow certain selective steps. We are providing the steps we followed in our projects to kill Nettles with weed killers.

Step 1 – Identify The Application Site

At first, you need to identify where you want to apply the weed killers. Try to find out a place where the density of the nettles is more than the grass or other plants.

However, in the place where a small amount of the nettles are available, you should pull out the nettles by hand and after that, you should spray the weed killer.

Step 2 – Spay The Weed Killer

I assume that you have got the place where nettles are hiding. Spray the weed killers directly on the plants. Make sure the whole plant gets wet by the weed killer.

Step 3 – Wait for 24 Hours

Some of the weeds may not die within 24 hours. To kill them you need multiple applications. So wait for 24 hours after the first application of the weed killer.

Step 4 – Spray Once Again

So, you passed the 24 hours. Now, have to go to the places once again and have to apply the weed killers. Make sure the whole plant gets wet by the weed killer.

Step 5 – Continue if Required!

After two times of application, most of the nettles will be gone but if not, then you can pull them up from the root and apply the weed killer on the soil.

What Herbicide Kills Nettle?

Stinging nettle is a fast-growing weed plant that can grow at any place. Their root system can grow up to 5 feet, while their stems are capable of producing 3 to 6 1/2 feet tall. Their leaves are egg-shaped; leaves can be 1-2 inches wide and 2-6 inches long.

What herbicide kills nettle?

Two types of herbicides can kill stinging nettle: glyphosate and imazapyr. Glyphosate is a powerful systemic herbicide, which kills the whole nettle plant. In contrast, imazapyr is less powerful than glyphosate but still can kill nettle plants.

So, if you are thinking about “What herbicide kills nettle?” use one of these two active ingredients.

How Do You Permanently Get Rid Of Nettles?

Killing is the only solution to get rid of nettle plants permanently. Following organic solutions is time-consuming, and nettles may come back again. On the contrary, chemical-based products will destroy the existence of nettles fully in a particular area. But it may harm other plants if you don’t take protective measures.

How do you permanently get rid of nettles?

To permanently eliminate nettles, it is better to use an effective formula containing glyphosate ingredients or imazapyr. These two ingredients are the best choice to kill nettle plants always.

1. Glyphosate-based Products

Glyphosate is an active ingredient, also known as Monsanto herbicides. Applying the plant formula will first attack the root system and then kill the full plants.

Controlling nettle plants is effective with a 2% glyphosate concentration. You can use a backpack or hand-held sprayer to apply the formula to the plant.

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Keep spraying the plants unless the liquid reaches all parts without making them dripping. Don’t forget to wear all protective gear to keep you in full protection. As the formula affects all types or species, you want to keep other plants in a safe zone while applying it.

Several glyphosate-based products are available in the market, such as Roundup Pro, Glyfos, etc. Mix the formula with clean water properly before applying it. However, we don’t recommend using any pre-mix formula as they are not effective enough to deal with nettle plants.

2. Imazapyr-based Products

Imazapyr is another super active ingredient that you can use to kill nettles. If Glyphosate-based Products is not available, you can use them.

So, which type of imazapyr-based products is best for killing nettles? Habitat, Arsenal, etc., are the most reliable product you can use.

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According to most manufacturer claims, it provides effective results within 1 hour. The product remains active fully until it absorbs. Since it is non-selective, you want to make sure other plants are safe.

So, these are the two effective, powerful, and active ingredients you can use if you are wondering about “How do you permanently get rid of nettles?”

What’s The Best Weed Killer For Stinging Nettles?

Several weed killers are available in the market, but not all of them will give similar results.

1. Glyfos Weed Killer

No products found.

No products found.

Glyfos is a water-soluble liquid known as a powerful herbicide. Controlling and killing stinging nettle with this product is simple and fast. It will first attack the root system and then the whole plant. Additionally, you will notice effective results with 2-4 days.

2. Round Up Pro

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Are you looking answer to this question: does Roundup kill stinging nettles? Round-Up Pro is a practical solution to kill nettles. Since it is completely safe, using it for both commercial and residential purposes is entirely okay.

Use it by mixing with clean water (1-10.5 ounces per gallon of water). Instead of a ready-to-use version, it is more effective and provides reliable outcomes for a reasonable amount of time.

3. Compare-N-Save 75324 Herbicide

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Here comes another effective weed killer, containing 41-percent glyphosate. Since the product is quite powerful, you need a small quantity (3 tablespoons per gallon).

Make sure to protect other plants while applying the solution as it kills everything it touches.  Also, the active ingredient works great on less, so avoid over-spraying. You will see noticeable results within 2-4 days.

4. Dow AgroSciences RTU548 Tordon RTU

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Are you switching here and there to find a practical herbicide that can provide superior results to kill nettles? The Tordon RTU is a pre-active and ready-to-use version. Hence, you don’t need to take or mixing them with water.

Since directly applying the solution is possible, make sure you use only a tiny amount. Plus, it is perfect for controlling in-season and off-season nettles.

 So, you check out these four effective products while wondering about “What’s the best weed killer for stinging nettles?”

Does Vinegar Kill Stinging Nettles?

While searching for many solutions, you may don’t feel the need to remember using vinegar. We use this multi-purpose product in our day-to-day life for many different aims.

Does vinegar kill stinging nettles?

Yes, it can. Vinegar is mostly known as acid. Apart from killing other plants, they can kill stinging nettles by dehydrating plants. This affordable solution will kill nettle plants completely or, they will dry them up first and make them brown. Effective weed killer!

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So, how to use vinegar in killing nettles?

First of all, you want to mix mild-liquid soap, vinegar, and salt together. Put the formula inside a spray bottle and spray the mixture on the nettle plants cautiously without applying other plants.

Does Mowing Get Rid Of Nettles?

Regularly mowing your lawn is necessary to prevent excessive weed growth while ensuring a clean and sharp looks for the yard.

Does mowing get rid of nettles?

No, mowing doesn’t help killing nettles completely. Instead, they just slow down their growth like grass. To get rid of nettles entirely, you want to remove them from their roots. Aside from rooting them out, applying an effective glyphosate-based product is necessary.

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As you already know, nettles can thrive under the soil through their roots up to 5 inches. Unless you cut them under the ground by digging out soil, you may give some scope to grow them again.

As lawnmower doesn’t mow grasses and other plants completely, but in certain inches, some inches of nettle root will be available on the ground. Hopefully, you got a clear view about “Does mowing get rid of nettles?”

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Don’t Forget To Apply Organic solutions Too!

If you have enough patience and prefer to use natural things, use some organic methods to control the growth of nettles.

Check out the growth of nettles regularly and root them out from the soil if you see them. But make sure you don’t harm other plants while digging them out. Plus, pinch out their flowers and burn or bin their roots.

Final Takeover

Are you still wondering about this question: does weed killer kill nettles? Yes, a weed killer can kill nettles if you choose the perfect one. We have already mentioned some best weed killers to control and kill nettle plants efficiently. Happy Gardening!

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