How To Grow Tulsi Plant Indoor? An Ultimate Tulsi Plant Growing Guide


For beauty and fragrance, few houseplants can match Tulsi. Tulsi is a perennial in the tropics but can be grown indoors throughout the year regardless of your environment and known as sacred basil.

So, how to grow tulsi plant indoors?

By seeding the seeds of the Tulsi plant in a pot filled with soil and by controlling the sunlight and the moisture, you can easily grow Tulsi plant indoors. Though you need to follow some steps this is the procedure of planting Tulsi plant indoors.

This plant is mainly used as a medicinal plant for treating various diseases ranging from headaches to cancer. Either from seeds or by rooting in water, this seed can be grown.

It is also an elementary plant. Tulsi can be stored in pots and placed at indoor places or even in outdoor locations like your garden.

In this article, we will talk about ‘how to grow tulsi plant indoors?”

Moreover, we will see “how to grow tulsi plant in the water?” too.

How To Grow Tulsi Plant Indoors?

As we already said, By seeding the seeds of the Tulsi plant in a pot filled with soil and by controlling the sunlight and the moisture, you can easily grow the Tulsi plant indoors. Though you need to follow some steps this is the procedure of planting the Tulsi plant indoors.

Now we will see the actions step by step. Follow us to plant the Tulsi plant indoors.

Step 1 – Fill The Pot With Soil

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A flower pot must be filled with high-quality soil, which ensures that water is thoroughly mixed.

Step 2 – Moisturize The Ground

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Add adequate water to moisturize the ground. However, make sure you are not adding so much water that your ground is not soggy. Grow of the Tulsi plant in the indoor region; is always the best option than outdoor location planning.

Step 3 – Seed The Plant

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Tulsi plant seeds are found in every possible place you can buy shop inventory. The sources must be seeded at a depth of one-fourth inch under the ground.

The reason behind Tulsi’s seeds are small plants, and you can quickly sprinkle the seeds on the upper layer and push the soil under gentle pressure.

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We recommend the Spot Spreader Hand Spreader for efficient spreading.

Step 4 – Make The Seeds Settle

Then tighten them up to the ground by gently using your fingers, or you can tamper them even slightly. Until seeds are germinated, the soil must be kept moist. In about six to fourteen days, the seeds would begin to grow.

Step 5 – Dampened The Soil

Since the tulsi seeds are sensitive and delicate, the soil surface may be dampened lightly with a spray bottle. Ensure that you slowly and carefully pour the water into the pot, not to trouble any seeds.

Step 6 – Scale The Humidity

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You may also prefer to use plastic wrap to cover the top layer of the pot, which helps to scale humidity within, still ensures that you regularly monitor the ground and add more water every time.

Step 7 – Ensure Enough Sunlight

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The plant in Tulsi must be situated near a warm and sunny place. Your plant in Tulsi takes almost six to eight hours of daylight, and it should maintain a temperature of at least 20°C. The pot has to be implanted in a place locus a large amount of sunlight will be obtained. Be careful not to leave the plant close to any open places or door when the temperature decline in the latter part of the day.

How to Grow Tulsi plant In Water? Step By Step Guide

You can also grow tulsi plants in water avoiding the mud. To do that you need to follow some selective steps. Below we mentioned the steps following which ones you can grow tulsi plant in water.

Step 1 – Cut a Stem

How to Grow Tulsi plant In Water - Cut the Steam

Cut a stem that is four to six inches long from a mature Tulsi plant. The trunk must be drawn precisely from the firm. You have to take other leaves from the basement of the cutting.

It would be perfect if you near a 2-inch stem bare. Make sure you select one that has not yet flowered when you cut the stem.

You can cut from a stem such flowers, but rooting being bare difficult and makes it much adamantine for the plant.

To speed up the procedure, the cutting stem end must descend into a rooting hormone. Rooting hormones in tree garden shops or nurseries in your area can be purchased.

Step 2 – Implant It in Water

How to Grow Tulsi plant In Water - Put the plant in water

The cut of Tulsi must be implanted in an entirely water-filled glass bucket. Make sure you use a consume glass and keep more than one stem in the bucket, yet make sure that it is not overfilled.

Water needs to be bartered regularly to prevent overcrowding of bacteria by stems. In a warm and sunlight place, the Tulsi plant needs to be conserved.

Step 3 – Ensure Enough Sunlight

Select a table or windowsill that lets your plant experience indirect along with bright sunlight for a minimum of six to eight hours. When the roots commence growing, the cuttings have to be transferred to a soil pot.

When the roots grasp the one-fourth to half-inch longitude, you are primed to deport your Tulsi cuttings into the land.

Step 4 – Nurture and Manage Tulsi Plants

As on the upper portion soil being torrid, the tulsi plant retains to be watered.

To verify such your plant retain to be watered, you need to analyze it a minimum of two-term a week. You are going to have to water it if your ground is dry.

Based on climate surroundings and temperature, the number of times water Tulsi will require reversal. At least one of the times in a month needs to be fertilized in the plant Tulsi.

To maintain nutrients in the soil, watery fertilizer will be used or organic compost such as manure. Cow manure is applied once a month to balm plants survive.

To embolden its growth, Tulsi’s tops must be cut on a semantic basis. After your Tulsi plant has three sets of leaves on every stem, you will start cutting a minute set of sheets at the branch’s upper and two other sheets on the stem’s sides.

The upper set of Tulsi leaves needs to be detached, which like just over the two other sets of leaves.

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What Are The Important Facts of Growing Tulsi plant?

What Are The Important Facts of Growing Tulsi plant?

The plant Tulsi is treated favorably in the human lifespan along this plant is in their houses for most Bangladeshis.

From April to June is observed as the best time for Tulsi plants to grow. When you put the Tulsi plant in your house, it is invariably essential to conduct the tips of Vastu in mind.

The eastern side is the better place to maintain the Tulsi plant. If you cannot put it in the East, you may choose to place it in the North-East or even the North window side.

Make sure there is adequate sunlight availability. The dark, water-sick spots seen on a Tulsi plant indicate an infection in the bacterial leaf spot lead to the Pseudomonas Cichorium bacteria.

These signs, along with symptoms, can begin the wet stem to rot steadily. The Tulsi plant will last for up to three years when carefully treated with adequate watering levels, along with when not permitted to wilt.

How to Use Tulsi Leaves in Our Daily Life?

Tulsi is most commonly passed down in tea. The tea has an instinctively sweet flavor, which reminds me of a small hint of a clove of lemon balm.

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The organic Bangladeshi brand sells several Tulsi tea mixtures, each mixed to produce various medicinal qualities in a Tulsi plant.

In addition to tea, tulsi is traditionally used as a spice and sprinkled with food to enhance the aroma, much like pepper basil.

Wrapping Up

Hope you have got your answer “how to grow tulsi plant indoor?” Also, you know “how to grow tulsi plant in the water”. We need tulsi plants in our daily life. In this article, we discussed, in brief, the importance of tulsi leaves in our daily life.

Happy Gardening!

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