10 Best Outdoor String Lights To Brighten Up Your Space – Expert’s Review


If you are in search of the best outdoor string lights, you are just in the right place. All we need in our life is a small glimpse of light. And not to mention, a single string light does it precisely. Mostly used in weddings and parties, these lights are becoming an essential part to enjoy the nights.

You can miss your favorite person on a dark night, but the Best Outdoor String Lights To Brighten Up Your Space never fail to enlighten your bad days. But the problem occurs when you know your requirements, but don’t know much about the string lights. And this confusion often leads you to choose the long ones.

But as we’re here, no need to worry! We will show you the 10 best string lights with different specifications. It would help you to decide on your own and buy a perfect night for yourself.

So, keep on reading to clarify all your hesitations and enjoy the ambiance in a better way!

What Are The Types of Different String Lights?

String lights are decorative, but the Best Outdoor String Lights To Brighten Up Your Space have a special power to turn your boring backyard into a shiny, brighter place. As the summer season is coming, it’s obvious to spend some time outdoors. So, usage of string lights will also become necessary.

But you won’t be able to choose your preferred one if you don’t know its type and specifications. Following are some of the most common categories of string lights you’ll find.

1. LED Globe String Lights

Best LED Grow String Lights For Outdoor Lighting

On a hot summer night, the lights that confuse you about whether it’s a bulb or light- are the LED Globe lights. The particular structure gives you a vibe of earth or moon in your garden.

This type of outdoor Outdoor LED Globe String Light 25ft Weatherproof is suitable to decorate for a wedding event, garden party, or romantic dinners. The best part is, the Outdoor LED Globe String Light 25ft Weatherproof can similarly be used for commercial purposes for its durable built quality.

But the problem with this light is, it’s a bit larger to use at indoor places. This type of lighting is very common in restaurants like “Lavanda Restaurant“.

2. Colorful String Lights

Best colorful string lights to decorate outdoor lawn

We love the string lights for their bright and vibrant colours. Still, if we compare outdoor LED string lights and others, the most stunning luminosity would be colourful ones as best outdoor String lights.

Mostly used for festivals like- Christmas or Easter Sunday, this beautiful thing works as a perfect patio string light idea for a summer-ready backyard! You can use this as a mix of red- blue, green- red, or any other colours. So, choose the colour you need and give it a go.

One problem with this light is, the size is very tiny and needs proper concern for use.

3. Rope Lights

Best Rope Light to Decorate Outdoor Lawn

We have already talked about Outdoor LED Globe String Light 25 ft Weatherproof as the best Best Outdoor String Lights. Comparing other Patio String Light Ideas for a Summer-Ready Backyard, this rope string light category is a bit different.

These lights are unique because they can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Available in ½” and ⅜” diameters, the rope light accessories are designed to match a specific diameter. So, if you are looking for a string light for all these requirements, it’s obviously the perfect one.

10 Best Outdoor String Lights Round-up

We have researched and compared different lights and finally got our 10 Best Outdoor String Lights Round-up. Following are the categories we found the best and listed serially.

25 Feet G40 Globe Patio Lights ● Waterproof.

● Candelabra (E12) socket base.

● Glass material.
Addlon 48 FT outdoor String Lights ●      Linkable and dimmable.

●      Weatherproof.

●      Commercial-grade light.

33 Feet 100 LED Mini Globe String Lights ●      Commercial String Lights.

●      100 LED bulbs.

●       UL certified.

Start 300 LED Window Curtain String Light ●      8 different modes.

●      Flashing patterns.

●      Easy installation.

Romasaty 25 ft String Lights ●      27 Edison bulbs.

●      Energy-efficient.

●       Waterproof.

Enbrighten 37790 ●      Color-changing modes.

●      Timer options.

●      Remote control feature.

TaoTronics LED String Lights 33 ft ●      Waterproof.

●      Molded wires.

●      LED bulb materials.

MOICO Globe String Lights ●      24 months warranty.

●      8 lighting methods.

●      Twinkling lights.

Lemont String Lights


●      ETL mark.

●      Shatterproof.

●      11-watt power.

Mini Lantern String Lights ●      2700 kelvin temperature.

●      10 Nylon lanterns.

●      Weather-resistant.

1. 25 Feet G40 Globe Patio Lights

Outdoor String Lights 25 Feet G40 Globe Patio Lights with 27 Edison Glass Bulbs(2 Spare), Waterproof Connectable Hanging Light for Backyard Porch Balcony Party Decor, E12 Socket Base,Black

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Best for Brightness

If you are looking for a light bulb set among the 10 Best Outdoor String Lights Round-ups to create a warm vibe in your garden, the Best Outdoor String Lights, then this Outdoor LED Globe String Light 25ft Weatherproof is your best pick.

With UL certified and performance testing features, this Outdoor LED Globe String Light 25ft Weatherproof is best for decorative purposes. This line high power light has the distinct characteristic to be installed literally anywhere. So, it serves all your requirements from all sides.

Material of Globe String Light

This beautiful Patio String Light Ideas for a Summer-Ready Backyard comes with G40 clear bulbs. The package includes 25 glass bulbs and provides soft lighting for decks, porches, or patios. It can tolerate any weather and also has a waterproof quality. Among these 10 Best Outdoor String Lights Round-up, each bulb of globe lights is 5 watts of electricity.

In addition, its E12/ C-7 base is suitable to be installed on any cord with compatible sockets. The material globe string light provides light in a delicate manner for your outdoor events, in any weather.

Key features:

  • Waterproof and works even after being submerged.
  • The globe is surrounded by delicate glass material.
  • Weatherproof from -2 degrees up to about 20 degrees celsius.
  • These have candelabra (E12) socket base & 0.6w/ 3u16.


  • A nice heavy cord with good packaging.
  • It has a warm quality and is easy to mount.
  • Affordable enough to add the perfect ambience to your yard.
  • Holds strong & even stands up as the Best Outdoor String Lights To Brighten Up Your Space.


  • You can’t connect more than 3 strands together.
  • You have to screw in every bulb.
  • The glass material is fragile compared to the other ones.
  • They can only string from left to right as the plug is on the left.

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2. Addlon 48 FT outdoor String Lights

addlon 48 FT Outdoor String Lights Commercial Grade Weatherproof Strand Edison Vintage Bulbs 15 Hanging Sockets, UL Listed Heavy-Duty Decorative Cafe Patio Lights for Bistro Garden

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Best for Affordable Pricing

When you want to add a vintage look like an extra feature to your string lights, this pack will go!

Addlon 48 FT String Lights Commercial Grade is famous as your Patio String Light Ideas for a Summer-Ready Backyard. Its charming style look is perfect among all the 10 Best Outdoor String Lights Round-up.

Each bulb is bright at 11 watts and hugely elongated. So, there is no problem with the instalment. As a whole, this bunch of heavy-gauged, elongated string lights is the Best Outdoor String Lights To Brighten Up Your Space for any event on occasion.

Ideal to Hang as the Best Outdoor String Lights

Most of the time, the string lights are bought to fulfil the need for outdoor enlightenment. It has a socket of E26 base and 11 W bulbs. Also, the distance between 2 strings is about 3.11 ft that helps to brighten your yard more delightfully.

The heavy- gauge wire is 48 feet long with 15 incandescent glass bulbs. The waterproof and dimmable features add some extra high- marks to this set of light.

Key features

  • Weatherproof up to 30 degrees.
  • It can connect 5 strands of lights to offer you the best outdoor string lights.
  • Commercial-grade light that stands for years.
  • Linkable and dimmable for more lighting flexibility.
  • Perfect as Patio String Light Ideas for a Summer-Ready Backyard.


  • The light set is well-made and appears heavy-duty.
  • The light strings can be added together for as much lighting as needed.
  • Incredible quality for the price.
  • The loops in the cord above the lights make it easier to install.
  • Best Outdoor String Lights To Brighten Up Your Space


  • Some of the sockets may appear defective due to poor packaging.
  • These have some weight and heft to them.
  • Strands might keep drooping after instalment.

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3. 33 Feet 100 LED Mini Globe String Lights

33Ft 100 LED Mini Ball String Lights, Fairy Lights with Remote, 8 Lighting Modes and Timer Function for Bedroom, Garden, Patio, Wedding, Christmas Tree, Warm White

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Best for Easy- usage

When you want to decorate your house with some stunning string lights but don’t feel like giving any effort, this Globe string light is your perfect buy.

The patio String Light ideas for a summer-ready backyard are always a pleasure. And this product with a remote control feature is worth naming as one of the best outdoor string lights to brighten up your space. There are 8 total modes to interchange the brightness according to your purpose. You can use it for any event in the upcoming days for its tiny size and aesthetic look.

Commercial Outdoor String Lights

This category of Globe string light is a precise choice to match your cord-only stringers with your choices of lights. Its long lead cord makes it easier to play it anywhere you need to use it.

Another problem with commercial usage is, if the lights are not waterproof, they can be a victim of short-circuit any time. But as this Globe string light is water and waterproof, you won’t find that sort of problem here. Also, you can adjust the wires and connect with the patios in your own preferable way!

Key features

  • A remote-controlled system with multifunctional benefits.
  • It comprises 100 LED bulbs.
  • It comes in a low profile for easy installation.
  • It is UL certified with a waterproof feature (power adapter).


  • Remains cool to touch even after operating it for 24 hours.
  • The lights are space savers with energy efficiency.
  • It has a “hard” glove that covers lights. So, not so fragile like other bulbs.
  • They come with a remote, so you don’t need to unplug it every time to turn it on/off.


  • The lights may blink slower to extremely fast after a couple of uses.
  • The string lights automatically turn on to a flashing-light setting.
  • The stopping process is very abrupt & not calming.
  • Not recommended for the people with pets- become the cords are super thin.

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4. Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light Wedding Party Home Garden Bedroom Outdoor Indoor Wall Decorations, Warm White

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Best for Special Lighting Effects

As the name suggests, these cute little LED lights, also called the best outdoor solar string lights are perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. You can use it in your bedroom to better sleep ambience at a wedding or romantic dinner.

They come in various colours- White, warm white, Lugol, and purple. Each one consists of 8 different settings. You can plug it anywhere for its lightweight and easy installation process. As a whole, this piece is the best outdoor string light to brighten up your space.

8 Setting Methods

The Twinkle Best for special lighting effects Starts 300 LED Window Curtain String Light has 8 different sections to leave a scope of choice for you. One of them is the on/off button, and the others can be changed as per your need. The 8 modes are- Combination, in waves sequential, slo- glo, chasing, slow fade, twinkle, and steady on.

Besides, the lights are waterproof on the level of IP44. But you have to consider the controller as it’s non-waterproof. So, this patio string light idea for a summer-ready backyard is definitely going to work for you.

Key features

  • Extended to a maximum of 10 string lights.
  • Eight built-in flashing patterns.
  • Widespread lighting.
  • Special lighting effects when hung from the ceiling.


  • They are waterproof and adjustable during weather changes.
  • Tangle stands are easy to untangle.
  • The lights are tough enough to resist the shaking without any damage.
  • Lights cords are visually appealing without sheers.
  • It gives off a cosy warm glow.


  • The plug is not long enough unless your outlets are near the ceiling.
  • This set casts a greenish- glow instead of a golden or yellow glow.
  • Once a bulb or wire is messed up every light that follows will stop working.
  • The slack for the power adapter to the string of lights might be seen as nonexistent.

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5. Romasaty 25 ft String Lights

Romasaty 25FT String Lights, G40 Outdoor String Lights Edison Light Bulbs Clear Globe String Lights with 27 Clear Bulbs for Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Decoration-White Wire

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Best for Romantic Ambiance

Romasaty 25 ft string lights is a package of a good deal with a vast range of advantages.

The vintage-styled, durable lights are beautiful to set as a decorative material, as well as in a warm ambience. The outdoor Globe string light offers all the facilities you can ever expect. It is very much energy- efficient and comes with 27 bulbs. For its lightweight and modern features, we can suggest it as your preferred pick.

Bulb Material

The Romasaty outdoor string lights come with G40 Edison incandescent bulbs. The key benefit of this category of bulbs is, they effectively catch the warmth of your ambience. It has a beautiful texture to attract the guests to the party.

Besides, the Edison bulb offers superiority to an indecent lamp and makes the area cosier. Within a reasonable price, these bulbs are surprisingly soothing. But don’t expect much durability from it!

Key features

  • Commercial-grade wires with waterproof ability.
  • Comes with 27 Edison bulbs, each one of 0.6W.
  • Made of incandescent glass material.
  • The packaging comes with 2 spare bulbs.


  • It has an extra fuse inside the power socket for an easy instalment when needed.
  • They don’t get too hot like other G40 ones.
  • Offers enough as the best outdoor string lights to brighten up your space.


  • The strands are minimal since the porch is covered.
  • If you are buying the renewed ones, you might receive the product without the spare ones.
  • Burns out quickly.

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6. Enbrighten 37790 Black

Enbrighten 37790, Black, Vintage Seasons LED Warm White & Color Changing Café String Lights, 48ft, 24 Premium Impact Resistant Lifetime Bulbs, Wireless, Weatherproof, Indoor/Outdoor, 48 Feet

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Best for Multicolor-changing modes

Having a lifetime guarantee and sophisticated structure, these beautiful string lights are worth your money. The bulbs are made of acrylic material to ensure maximum durability. Moreover, it saves a lot of energy with flexible mounting options. You’ll get these lights in 12 different colours and can be decorated in different ways.

The bulb- set includes a remote control feature and all the beneficial terms for easy usage with impact-resistant capability.

Energy Efficiency of LED String Lights

As we know, LED lights are very energy efficient. The Enbrighten 37790 blank comes with LED string lights and an easy connection process. Each of these lights uses 1 Watt per hour. It’s a remote-controlled product & you can control it on a maximum of a 4-hour timer mode.

However, these 48 ft weatherproof lights can be linked up to 15 strings. After installation, you can fade it, strobe it, or keep it on dimmable option.

Key features

  • The timer can be set in 2 or 4 hours mode.
  • Colour and effects are pre-set.
  • 24 Edison- styled cafe lights with remote control feature.
  • 10 dimmable light levels.


  • The quality of the cabling and lights is sufficient.
  • They can cycle through a variety of colours and include a white light.
  • You can change the colour mode with one press on the remote.
  • Superior weather-proofing.


  • A bit heavier that needs to be themed solid.
  • Other lights don’t seem to be as bright as white ones.
  • The spacing of the strings is back to back, with no gap.
  • If somehow your remote goes out, the lights won’t work.

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07. Zaecany LED String Lights 33 ft

LED String Lights with Remote Control 99ft with 300 LEDs Dimmable Fairy String Lights for Bedroom, Trees, Indoor/Outdoor Copper String Lights for Birthday, Wedding, Party UL Certificate Warm White

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Best as Water-Resistant

Zaecany LED lights are beautiful as a decorative option, as well as an emergency light when it’s raining heavily. These string lights are waterproof that makes them usable in any situation. Moreover, the copper wire is 5 ft with energy-efficient features. This specification ensures good improvisation of the adapter with durability.

LED Lights with Moldable Wire

These string lights are LED bulbs that already say how much electricity saver and easy usage it has. Also, LED lights are more efficient than incandescent ones in terms of brightness. You’ll get moulded wires with it to bend easily and decorate your furniture for occasions.

Key Features

  • The light string is waterproof with a working temperature of -4°F~140°F.
  • The end of the copper wires is welded with the skilled operation.
  • Bendable copper wires.
  • Made from LED bulb materials.


  • It’s safe to touch it even after 14 hours of usage.
  • The 5 feet cable makes sure that the adapter is tucked away safely.
  • They provide the perfect amount of warm glow and lighting for outdoor spaces and rooms.
  • The copper wire lets them easily bend to shape around anything and hang on nicely without anything else.


  • There is no switch or dial to turn it on and off.
  • When you turn them on, there is a momentary delay for them to turn on.

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08. MOICO Globe String Lights

MOICO Globe String Lights for Bedroom, 43ft 100 LED 8 Modes Plug in Decorative Lights, Waterproof Fairy String Lights for Patio, Indoor, Outdoor, Christmas, Wedding, Party, Connectable, Warm White

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Best for Dual- Purpose Use

If you are looking for a decorative item with a bulk of advantages, this is your preferred one to look for. Having 8 lighting moods and end-to-end connectivity, MOICO offers more extended durability within your expected price range. You can use it more efficiently in your house as well as for an outdoor space.

Suitable to Hang for Any Occasion

Having a total length of 43ft and 29V, the MOICO string lights come in 100 pieces. These globe lights give off a warm white colour and ensure using it for any usage with IP65 waterproof grade. As you can connect those up to 5 strands, these are perfect for any decorative event.

Key Features

  • 24 months warranty since the date of purchasing.
  • Flashing, half on, half off, fade in and out, etc., with the push of a button.
  • 8 lighting modes for different usage.
  • Twinkling lights with long-time durability.


  • Easy to hang and can easily string multiple strands together.
  • They are larger and have several options, from a total 90’s rave strobe to a soft glow.
  • The anaesthetic is very hygge.


  • The plastic globes are not well secured to the LED light posts.
  • You may have to chase down some falling plastic globes as you’re installing the lights.

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09. Lemontec Outdoor String Lights

Lemontec Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights with 15 Hanging Sockets - 48 Ft Black Weatherproof Cord Weatherproof Strand for Patio Garden Porch Backyard Party Deck Yard – S14 Black

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Best for Heavy Lighting Methods

Easy to decorate, heavy to break- if this type of string light is your preferable one, then Lemontec lights are a good choice for you. You can drop those anywhere and still won’t damage the lights in any way! Moreover, you can add extra strands if you need them. So overall, these lights are pretty decent for home-based occasions.

Different Lighting Modes

The Lemontec Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights have several brightening options. Such as warm light, yellowish, and so on. So, these are just perfect for your wedding event, also for a romantic dinner. Made of indecent bulbs, these lights have an 11-watt power supply to give medium coverage no matter the purpose.

Key Features

  • Solid construction with indecent bulbs.
  • 8 strings can be connected end-to-end.
  • The cord has got an ETL mark.
  • 11-watt power of each bulb.


  • They perfectly light up the backyard without spilling over to neighbours’ yards.
  • Each bulb comes in its own box and is also packaged in a plastic sleeve.
  • Lights hang easily with a solid plastic loop above each bulb.


  • Maybe a long strand, but bulbs are spread far apart.
  • The bulbs are ultra-sensitive, and if they break, they’re impossible to remove from the “socket.”

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10. Mini Lantern String Lights

Mini Lantern String Lights - 10 White Nylon Hanging Lanterns with Warm White Bulbs Included, 7 Feet Long, Waterproof for Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, Plug in, Connectable up to 25 Strands

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Best for Vintage Look

As we see from the name, these lantern lights are tiny-sized and pretty decorative products for easy usage. Though it’s on the last on our list, we have got the same quality of characteristics that we have got on the first products.

The best part is, you’ll get to connect 25 strands and that too in one power source. So if you are on a tight budget but need to buy some string lights for your occasion, these lantern lights are just the perfect match for you!

Water Resistance with Versatile Design

It’s okay to have a prominent amount of brightness in the lights, but also, these lights should come in good condition. And these string lights are suitable for that purpose with different warm light versions. So, you can use these for transitional seasons in any space.

Key Features

  • Weather-resistant with a long-lasting warranty.
  • Recommended for any usage.
  • Comes with 10 Nylon lanterns.
  • 2700 kelvin colour temperature.


  • These lanterns look so pretty at night and create the perfect soft atmosphere.
  • The light is a pale yellow, and they are not too bright.
  • they’re very lightweight, easy to hang.


  • There’s no on/off switch, so you’ll have to unplug the lights when you’re not using them.
  • If you are in a buggy area, the bugs will like to explore them at night and sometimes get stuck inside the lanterns!
  • These are NOT LED bulbs.

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What to Consider Before Buying String Lights?

After knowing the specifications of the best string lights above, hopefully, you are aware of your preference now. But you’ll be surprised to know that there are actually some basic things to know more about before purchasing one. Following are some key things you need to know-

Bulb Size

While buying a string bulb, it’s important to consider the size first. Because if you choose the right lighting with improper size, you won’t be able to use it for the right purpose. In general, there are 3 sizes of string bulbs.

G 30

This is the smallest size of 30 millimetres. As we know, smaller sizes are perfect for adding extra beauty to your decoration. When it’s a formal party at your garden and you feel that the ambience doesn’t look gorgeous enough, G 30 lights can be a great addition.

G 40

It’s the second size you’ll find in the range of string light bulbs. These are perfect for indoor and outdoor occasions as their size is comparatively great for any use. On one side, these are good for indoor parties, it complements your outdoor areas as well.

G 50

Talking about the G 50 lights, these are the largest size of string bulbs and used to decorate places for a brighter outlook. Edison string lights, Globe string lights, etc. are some common examples of G 50 bulbs. These bulbs not only add any glamour, it itself is used as the main decorative item of an event.


The main aim of this article is to make you understand all the details of string lights. But people who are not this aware of the specifications only measure a light according to its appearance. This means how much brighter it is as your Patio String Light Ideas for a Summer-Ready Backyard.

Brightness is measured through a unit called the lumen. The more lumen, the brighter it would be. A little amount of lumen is okay for calm places like- indoor or smaller spaces. But when you need to shine your larger space, consider buying a light with more lumen.

You’ll find this amount written on the bulb.

What Are The Differences Between LED and Incandescent Lights?

What are the difference between LED and Incandescent lights

It’s a massive comparison that clicks our minds whenever we go to buy a bulb. There are some basic differences between these two types. As for indecent ones, the bulbs are quite affordable and easily found. It lasts for about 1,000 hours or up to a year.

But LED lights have more durability and power-saving features. These last on average 50,000 hours, which is almost 10 years of time. Moreover, these bulbs won’t shatter even after being dropped.


How many Lumens do I Need for the Best Outdoor String Lights?

If we measure from that point of view, 12 lumens is the perfect amount for having bright and beautiful outdoor string lights. This is ideal for outdoor usage, as well as any wedding events.

Lumen is the unit of measuring how much light or brightness you are getting from a bulb. 1 lumen is compared to a single candlelight brightness.

Do Outdoor String Lights Attract Bugs?

Yes! but not for yellow lights. Bugs are generally attracted to bulbs with chemical materials. These chemicals are mostly used in white, green, or red lights. But yellow lights are free from any of those things that directly attract bugs.

Moreover, the yellow lights can’t be seen by little bugs. So, this is the only safest option you’ve got!

Can Outdoor String Lights get Wet?

Yes, even the best outdoor strings can get wet if they are not weatherproof and if the cords are not supportive on that note. Talking about dry or wet, it’s up to the settings and features of the bulb you are buying.

So, our recommendation would be to buy a bulb with a weatherproof feature. Also, try to check on the wires and cords to have a full grab on them.


When you are confused about what to purchase to make your house more attractive, string lights are the only option in a budget-friendly option. Easy installation, availability, and reasonable pricing make it handier than any other decorative material.

We have done our part, now it’s your turn! No matter if you are an expert or just a beginner, step along this journey for a better outlook of your space. If you need to know anything, comment below.

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