Snake Plant Care Tips | How Much Water To Apply In Snake Plant?


Houseplants already earned immense popularity in our community, whether for adding beauty, receiving oxygen, or purifying the air. Snake plants are pretty common to have in most houses. Watering is compulsory for most plants, but overwatering may kill houseplants. It is especially true for snake plants. That’s why you need to be cautious while watering snake plants.

So, how much water to apply in snake plant?

Experts recommend using a maximum of 1/4 cup of water at a time. However, the amount of water you need to apply for a snake plant depends on how long it is and its surrounding conditions. It is also related to the type of snake plant you have, as their watering requirements may vary. However, larger snake plants need more water or frequent watering than small snake plants.

How Much Water To Apply In Snake Plant?

How to Water Snake Plant

Watering is compulsory for most plants, but overwatering may kill houseplants. It is especially true for snake plants. That’s why you need to be cautious while watering snake plants.

However, you need to water them when they most need it. Without water, they can’t grow as much as they should. Keeping a schedule is essential to water them consistently.

While watering snake plants, several questions may come to our heads:

  1. How much water should I apply for my snake plant?
  2. When should snake plants be watered?
  3. Do my snake plants need water every day?
  4. Should I change the watering schedule when the weather changes?
  5. Do I need to water more in case of hot weather?

As we already mentioned, the amount of water your snake plant needs depends on its size and variety. Some snake plants may need less water while others need more. Large-sized snake plants require more water as their root can absorb more water.

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Choose early morning to water snake plants as it is the best time for watering snake plants. Plants can stay hydrated throughout the day. However, you can follow a schedule for watering your snake plants, so you don’t miss watering them at the right time.

Snake plants don’t require water every day. You can maintain a gap between 2-3 days for watering them. But make sure it doesn’t become scorched.

During the summer season, snake plants need more water than in the winter season. You should maintain a favorable temperature for snake plants inside your room.

When the weather becomes too hot, the soil of the snake plant may become a little bit dry. In this situation, you have two options. Either you increase the water amount or watering frequency. But make sure neither the water amount nor water frequency should affect your snake plants.

How Do You Water A Snake Plant?

How To Take Care of a Snake Plant?

Watering snake plants may be a tricky job if you are growing snake plants for the first time. If you follow an improper water schedule, it will negatively affect your snake plant.

Many people make the mistake of watering snake plants’ leaves along with the root. Don’t make the mistake of watering the leaves as it has a lot of leaves. You should only apply water to the root area. Giving water to the leaves will cause them to rot.

The watering schedule is another important factor, as we mentioned earlier. Avoid over-watering them. Many new gardeners think they should give more so their plants will grow fast. But it is not actually wrong and harms the snake plant.

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Before watering your snake plant again, check out whether the soil is fully dry or not. You can test the soil by touching whether it has become completely dry or not. If it is just a little bit damp, it can be ready to water. You never want to snake a plant when the soil is still wet.

A plastic pot is better for snake plants as you can see how it drains the water. While watering your plant, keep a tray at the base of the container. Excessive water will come down to the tray directly. So you can know whether you have overwatered the plant or not. Make sure to evenly water it throughout the plant until it drains through the bottom of the pot.

During the winter season, you don’t need water regularly as you do in summer. You will only water it when it has become excessively dry.

How Much Time Can A Snake Plant Go Without Water?

Snake plants are well known for being super dry houseplants. They can go up to 6 weeks if you water them properly for once. The duration may exceed, especially in the winter. However, watering once or twice per month a snake is enough during the winter season.

What Does An Overwatered Snake Plant Look Like?

What Happens When You Over Water A Snake Plant

Though overwatering may cause snake plants to die, other reasons can be associated with its death.

So, what happens when you overwater a snake plant?

When the soil becomes too watery, it will grow bacteria and fungi inside the pot. Gradually, the root of the plant will get affected, and water absorption is reduced.

A lot of warning signs your snake plants will show when it is overwatered. When your plant receives excessive water, it sends them to leaves through the root. The leaves turn mushy and slightly yellow initially. Day by day, leaves will become more yellow. You will notice the yellow color on the older leaves first.

Another way to identify overwatered leaves by their soft and pulpy appearance. If you notice any warning signs in leaves, you should immediately remove them. It will prevent them from covering elsewhere.

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What Kind of Water Snake Plants Need?

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What water you use for other houseplants can also be used for snake plants. But most experts recommend using bottled or rainwater for snake plants as they are free from toxic minerals. This toxic mineral prevents snake plants from growing naturally. However, you can also use purified water as it doesn’t cause any harm to the snake plant.

Can You Overwater A Snake Plant?

Many people think you can’t overwater snake plants. But it is not actually true. Like other plants, snake plants don’t need an ample amount of water. That’s why overwatering snake plants are pretty easy.

When you overwater a snake plant, its soil becomes excessively wet. The oxygen within the soil will go down to the pot and prevent the root from taking it.

Overwatering a snake plant will reduce its growth, and your snake plants may face other issues. So, when you overwater your snake plant for a long time, it will show you warning signs. If the period is excessive and you don’t notice it, it will ultimately die. After all, overwatering is the fastest way to kill snake plants.

When extra water is kept inside the bottom of the pot for a long time, it will gradually damage the plant root and infect the plant through bacteria and fungi. Once you have watered the plants, ensure that all the excess water is removed from the saucer.

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When Should You Water More Your Snake Plant?

Sometimes, snake plants absorb more water than they regularly do. In that case, you want to provide a little bit more water. However, it is pretty small in amount than other houseplants. Here are the few signs when you should give a little bit more water:

  1. If the leaves of the snake plant are getting thinner
  2. If your plant is not receiving an adequate amount of sunlight but is still growing
  3. If the internal environment excessively dry or has a high temperature

Snake Plant Care Tips

No Tips
1 Keeping your snake plants bright light or sun is the best environmental condition.
2 Free-draining soil or cactus potting mix is a perfect choice to grow snake plants fast and healthily.
3 The plants should not be exposed to drafts or ventilation openings.
4 Keep snake plants at an average room temperature (15-35 degrees Celsius).
5 Make sure to provide monthly-based fertilizer for the best possible growth.
6 Change the snake plant pot if it has become overcrowded.
7 Do propagation once or twice a year to divide the plant.
8 Avoid planting your snake plant in an extra-large pot to prevent overwatering.


So, have you found the answer to this question: how much water to apply in snake plant? Hopefully, you did. Keep caring for your beautiful plant appropriately and boost its lifespan. Happy gardening!

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