Why Is My Lawnmower Cutting Out? How To Fix Vapor Lock Issue In A Lawnmower?


Who won’t like a beautiful, tip-top shape garden? Nothing is more satisfying like relaxing your holiday while sitting in the well-groomed backyard and sipping your favorite beverage. Without the help of a reliable lawnmower, you can’t make your garden into a serenity of masterpiece. However, if this dependable equipment suddenly stops working, you may freak out.

Why is my lawnmower cutting out?

Your lawnmower may be cutting out because of a faulty cord, unresponsive switch, damaged cords, clog-up issues for vents, or overheating issues for your motor.

A lawnmower may cut out for several reasons, such as

  • Faulty cord
  • Unresponsive switch
  • Cords are ragged, damaged, or not connected
  • Clog-up issue for vents
  • Overheating issue for motor

You should look for a simple, affordable solution rather than stressing over the problem. We will present all the main reasons why lawnmowers are cut out in this article. Let’s dive in!

Why Is My Lawnmower Cutting Out?

1. Faulty Cord

Why Is My Lawnmower Cutting Out - Faulty Cord

One of the primary culprits for lawnmower cutting out is a faulty cord. Electric-powered lawnmowers need the power to run on the machine. Spinning the blade won’t be possible with power. As a result, you won’t be able to cut grasses.

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So, why the cord becomes faulty? Using the cable not carefully (like continuous plugging, pulling, and flexing) will make it prone to damage.

You want to use a multimeter to detect the problem as it is not physically visible. Fortunately, you can replace the cord if it is damaged.

2. Unresponsive Switch

Why Is My Lawnmower Cutting Out - starter switch

Every electric-powered lawnmower comes with a starter switch. A defective or unresponsive button won’t help your run on the machine.

So, if the starter switch is not responding, here are the few things you can do:

  1. Check out if the cable is connected to the power source properly, and it should be damage-free.
  2. You will notice a lack of constant power in the motor while starting the machine. Starter switch problems are likely to cause electric lawnmowers to stop running soon after starting.
  3. Sometimes there could be no power at all, and you will fail to start the engine.

Thankfully, you can also replace the starter switch too. However, it is slightly a daunting job than it appears. If you are not expert enough, take it to a shop.

3. Cords Are Ragged, Damaged, Or Not Connected

Why Is My Lawnmower Cutting Out - Not Connected chords of lawnmower

Due to continuous usage, the cord connection between the engine and parts may become loose. In that case, you want to plug in and plug back the cord to fix the issue.

Apart from that, cords may not work if any corrosion or grease buildup on their surface. Simply cleaning them will eliminate the issue.

Besides, cords can show wear and tear signs after a certain time. If it is heavily damaged, buy a new one.

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4. Clog-Up Issue For Vents

Why Is My Lawnmower Cutting Out - Clog-Up Issue For Vents

Using mowers for several days without cleaning will lead to clog-up issues. The cover may accumulate a lot of dirt, mud, tiny grass, etc.

In that case, detach the cover and give a deep cleaning. If you struggle to remove the cover, use an air compressor to clean the internal parts properly.

5. Overheating Issue For Motor

Why Is My Lawnmower Cutting Out - Overheating Issue For Motor

Using a lawnmower for a long time without giving any break may lead to overheating issues. When the mower becomes excessively hot, it may cut out often. Give a small gap between each mowing session to let the machine cool down.

So, these are the possible causes of this question: why is my lawnmower cutting out?

Why Does My Lawnmower Only Run For A Few Seconds Then Dies?

Why Does My Lawnmower Only Run For A Few Seconds Then Dies?

A lawnmower is supposed to run smoothly if there is enough fuel, fresh oil, sufficient power, and no internal issues. Having a problem inside the mower will obstruct you run the machine peacefully.

Why does my lawnmower only run for a few seconds then dies?

A lawnmower is susceptible to a lot of factors that can prevent it from running smoothly, such as

Serial No. Reasons
1 Any issue for fuel, spark, compression, and air
2 Any blockage issue in the fuel tank or air filter due to particles
3 Restricted carburetor
4 Not using fresh fuel
5 Clogged fuel cap
6 Damaged or defective diaphragm

Problems will vary from mowers to mowers. We have mentioned all the common causes that mainly happen in most lawnmowers.

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Why Does My Lawnmower Stop Running When It Gets Hot?

Lawnmowers run smoothly at a moderate temperature. Neither too hot nor too cold temperature is good for their engine. That’s why you always want to ensure the optimum temperature for this machine.

Why does my lawnmower stop running when it gets hot?

If your lawnmower gets hot, it stops running for several reasons, like

  1. Air leakage
  2. Loose bolts
  3. Superheated engine
  4. An incorrect gap in the spark plug
  5. Compression issue

1. Air Leakage

Why Does My Lawnmower Stop Running When It Gets Hot - lawnmower leaky air filter

A leaky air filter forces an engine to draw in the excessive air outside, changing the gas ratio to air. This leads to heating issues inside the machine and enlarges the components.

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In addition, every tiny gap becomes bigger. The machine shows unstable performance, and it ultimately gets a stop.

2. Loose Bolts

Why Does My Lawnmower Stop Running When It Gets Hot - Loose Bolts

Loose bolts can be another root cause of the mower stops running when it gets got. In that case, you want to tighten the bolts correctly.

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3. Superheated Engine

Why Does My Lawnmower Stop Running When It Gets Hot - Superheated Engine

A lawnmower can go up to 350F, which could be the highest temperature. You should try to cut the lawn when the temperature is between 50F-100F.

When the weather is excessively hot, the engine is also likely to get hot. Operating the machine in this condition for several hours will lead to clog-up issues for various parts.

4. Incorrect Gap In The Spark Plug

Why Does My Lawnmower Stop Running When It Gets Hot - Incorrect Gap In The Spark Plug

There should be a perfect gap between the two electrodes of a spark plug. When the gap between them increases, machine failure is likely to occur.

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5. Compression Issue

Having a lawnmower’s starter rope that moves more easily could mean poor compression in the mower.

When do you want to know the question of why does my lawnmower stops running when it gets hot? Consider each point we mentioned above.

Why Does My Lawnmower Only Run On Full Choke?

Though lawnmowers are supposed to run on partial choke, they may run only on full choke when there is an internal issue.

Why does my lawnmower only run on full choke?

The primary reason could be your carburetor is not receiving sufficient fuel to load the bowl. Another cause could be blocking up the issue for the jets.

Using 10% ethanol fuel for your mower for one or more years makes the mower carburetor gums up. One of the practical solutions is using unleaded fuel. By using pure fuel, the deposits will dissolve, and your engine will operate normally once again

Hopefully, you have cleared out this question: why does my lawnmower only run on full choke?

Can A Lawnmower Engine Vapor Lock?

Can A Lawnmower Engine Vapor Lock?

Vapor lock happens for cars, lawnmowers, tractors, and other automobiles. It is a common issue but needs to be addressed as early as possible. Overlooking the problem will cause heavy damage to the engine.

Can a lawnmower engine vapor lock?

Yes, a lawnmower engine can vapor lock like other automobiles. When vapor lock happens for your mower, it transforms the liquid fuel into gas through the gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine still uses it for fuel delivery.

What Causes Vapor Lock In Lawnmowers?

If your lawnmower has a vapor lock issue, you want to implement the correct solution soonest. However, you first want to figure out the main culprit behind the problem.

What causes vapor lock in lawnmowers?

Vapor lock for lawnmowers mainly occurs due to overheating and rapid vaporization of the fuel (from fuel to gas). Gas bubbles resulting from this accumulation become so clogged that normal fuel delivery can actually be blocked.

So, what are the possible ways to find out a vapor lock?

  1. Lack of energy
  2. Pressure loss in the fuel system
  3. Engine not running smoothly
  4. Struggling to run the machine

How To Fix Vapor Lock Issue In A Lawnmower?

When you become 100% sure your lawnmower has a vapor lock issue, you need to address it soonest.

However, fixing the vapor lock problem is not an easy job unless you have professional knowledge. It is because you may end up damaging other parts of the machine.

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What you can do is take some preventive actions to prevent the issue. Here are they:

  1. Using the right oil level is necessary to prevent the accumulation process (fuel to gas transformation).
  2. Make sure you use high-quality fuel, which is compatible with your mower.
  3. Always use fresh fuel for your engine. You can use a fuel stabilizer to determine the conditions of the fuel.
  4. Don’t forget to clean engine air cooling fans and air filters regularly.
  5. Keep the fuel tank dirt-free and inspect it regularly to notice any issue.
  6. Always take the engine temperature condition into your account while operating it.

Wrapping Up

We have already explained all possible reasons behind this question: why is my lawnmower cutting out? Inspect your mower carefully, and try to check out if you see any of the problems. If you can’t deal with the issue, try to take expert help.

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