How To Build a Water Feature Wall – Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas


Who doesn’t love to enjoy the serenity of nature while resting in the backyard or garden?

Adding an artificial waterfall on the garden or backward gives you healing effects mentally and spiritually. The sound it makes will really take you back to the natural flowing water.

You are wondering how to build a water feature wall? If you have no limited budget, you can buy fountains and water falls directly from the market. However, if you are stick to a budget, you need to do it on your own.

The good news is that you can do it professional-alike when you have the right outdoor wall fountain design ideas. In this post, we will share a creative wall fountain design for the home. Let’s move on!

Top Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas You Will Love

1. Amicable Combination

Amicable Combination - Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas

Not all of us prefer to use typical fountains. Instead, we want to bring newness and elegance to their courtyard waterfall.

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In that case, we can create a dark slate wall from where the water will flow through it.

Additionally, the dry, gloomy wall and rectangular pond must be balanced by a bright slate wall. Also, it will create an affable environment by adding wooden patio flooring. Add some grass too.

It will make the space vivacious.

2. Embrace Simplicity

Embrace Simplicity - Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas

Are you planning to create a simple yet elegant wall fountain design for your home?

If yes, go for simplicity. If you already have a marred concrete tank, your half is completed. You can make a ravishing fountain using it.

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You just need to set up a water pump and plant some beautiful small plants to bring a color vibe. And then use pebbles to fill up the wall.

That’s it!

3. Make a Fountain for Cascading Water

Make a Fountain for Cascading Water- Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas

There is no way you can ignore this modern outdoor wall fountain idea if you want to make the best use of your leisure time.

Are you wondering how to build a water feature wall like this?

For that, it will only need a tiering of waterscapes.

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The way water will pour downwards rapidly and in large quantities will surely give you a calm feeling. To make this type of fountain, you will need to set up a massive concrete wall.

Use metal sheets and concrete stone to construct the fountain cubes. You can use some small red-color stones to fill the place where the water will fall; it will ensure a pop of shine too.

4. Redesign Your T-shape pond

 Redesign Your T-shape pond

If you already have a T-shaped pond in the backyard of your house, you can add creativity to bring an authentic vibe.

Won’t it look beautiful to enjoy water falling from the tiny cube?

For that, you will have to create a fine plaster wall with a little bit of ornamentation and decoration—this type of decorative wall is known as a stucco wall.

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In addition, adding some small palm trees will bring a slice of the tropics to the backyard.

Why not include some attractive flowers to make it aesthetically?

If your garden doesn’t have any grass, plant some of them to ensure ecological functions.

5. Go For the Magic of Rustic

Go For the Magic of Rustic

Not all of us desire to install a modern outdoor wall fountain. Some of us are also fond of unrefined ideas. For setting up the fountain in this design, you can use the fireplace.

Add several stone vases in the middle of the fountain. Avoid placing similar height stone vases. Instead, use them in different heights to make the decoration more realistic.

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Also, place some big-sized stones around the fountain. Use a practical strategy to set them up to bring harmony and natural, textural elements.

6. Contemporary Vibes

Contemporary Vibes- Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas

If you want to create outdoor wall fountains with lights, you can also do it. Adding LED lights under the water makes the fountain attractive and gives a touch of modernity. During the night, the lights illuminate the pond.

To install this type of modern wall fountain, you need to set up several concrete slates on the backyard patio. Use some terra-cotta pots to plant different colors on both sides of the waterfall. It will make the wall fountain more appealing.

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What’s more, use flexible neon LED lights, which will provide a soft, lingering glow with a halo effect —this type of LED light is an excellent choice to illuminate flowing water brightly.

7. The Art of Brick

The Art of Brick - Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas

I was wondering how to build a water feature wall using bricks?

There are a hundred types of bricks, but we recommend using terra-cotta brick for both base and the fountain’s wall. Terra-cotta bricks have a vivid and rich orange color, which is compatible with most walls.

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The waterscape may look a little bit odd without pebbles. That’s why to keep some black and gray rocks on the falling water area. Again, use some vivid flowers in the mid-sized containers on both sides of the fountain.

This way, you can ensure the best artwork of brick for wall fountains.

8. Monumental Water Wall

Monumental Water Wall - Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas

You can enhance the beauty of your pond with an artificial waterfall. Use ceramic floors to create a balanced and eye-catching composition to adorn your backyard fence.

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Add metal tiers to help the Water flows beautifully into the pond through it. Additionally, when you add some green plants around the waterfall area, it makes the place more aesthetic and beautiful.

9. Sculpture-based Wall Fountain

How many wall fountains have you seen that have sculptures?

Obviously, not many. This is why adding one or two angel statues will take the attractiveness of your wall fountain to the next level.

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However, ensure that it is compatible with the type of wall fountain you have. You can use your traditional straight wall to create this type of wall fountain since it merely covers ample space.

Add some beautiful plants to enliven the space.

10. An Oasis of Calm

An Oasis of Calm - Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas

Regardless of where you set up your waterscape, lighting is always one of the finest choices. Throughout your outdoor backyard, it evokes a feeling of calm. This type of outdoor wall fountain with lights goes well with various backyard patterns.

To build this kind of fountain, you need to create a pebble stone wall. Your backward texture will be highlighted by using this pebble stone wall.

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Instead of using several lightings, you will use only one spotlighting at the middle of the basin. It will turn your typical fountain into the center of interest.

Besides, planting some big palm trees will beautify the overall appearance of the wall fountain.

11. Eye-catching Wall Fountain

Eye-catching Wall Fountain

Want to add a modern outdoor wall fountain that is exceptional and aesthetic?

Then you love Mediterranean style is obvious. To make this type of stunning wall fountain, you will build a light color fence as a background color for a neutral tone.

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Then you use Mediterranean ceramic tiles for both fountain wall and ground pond. Giving some artworks on the ceramic tiles makes them flashy.

12. Go Out of the Box

Most Exceptional Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas

Just because you don’t have a pond at home doesn’t mean you can’t create a practical wall fountain. When you know how to build a water feature wall without a pond, you can surely do it with creativity.

For making this type of enchanting vertical waterfall, you will install several stone posts on the ground. Then arrange for water pumps so that water can come out from each of the stone posts.

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A modern outdoor wall fountain will not be complete without large slabs —use them strategically around the posts to give it an unexpected and innovative feel. Add some tiny veggie plants to create a realistic scenario.

13. A Blend of Color

Most Luxurious Fountain Ideas

When you use a cool color combination to create a walled mountain, it gives an aesthetic feel and forms a streamlined design. It makes an avant-garde appearance with a wide array of colors. It is soothing to hear tiny drops of water flowing slowly.

To make the waterfall more fascinating, use pebbles in the falling water area. Adding some medium-sized stones will work as walkways.

14. Quick-witted Design

Quick-witted Outdoor Wall fountain Design

Having the best idea for outdoor wall fountain design aids you in showing your creativity, even for the small-scale waterfall. Create a small-sized water wall using high-quality tiles.

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Add some small beautiful tiny plants around the compact-sized water wall. Why not some colorful plants too! It will give an attractive finish to the wall fountain. If you want, you can include few small statues too. Finally, don’t forget to use one or two green plants in containers on both sides.

15. Echo Wall Water Fountain

Echo Wall Water Fountain - Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas

Adding an echo wall water fountain in the backyard of your home will give a feel of a booming tune.

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The way water will fall from a medium height gives harmony and helps you avoid hearing the unwanted noise in the background. Make sure you provide a natural aging process for the patinas.

16. Make Your Small Space Refined

Best small space outdoor wall fountain ideas

Small backyard?

No problem! When you know the right wall fountain design for a home, you can make your wall fountain as beautiful as large ones.

To construct this type of trickling stream, you will use thin slab stones. It will aid you in making the waterfall tiers uncommon and eye-catchy.

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Additionally, add few fieldstones on both sides of the wall fountain to give a feel of fountain architecture. Then, make a clean coverage around the basin by using mini river rocks.

Besides, use one type of decorative grass to create a dramatic appearance and for edging.

17. Build Two Ponds

Build Two Ponds outdoor fountain ideas

How about adding two beauties at a time?

You can build two ponds by separating the actual one. Divide the space and make the half-space a little bit high than the other part so that water will flow from the high pond to the lower one. This type of pond makes your backward space roomy.

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You can use a floral dark brick fence for the background of the wall fountain. Add some container plants on the roof of the stone water to beautify the backyard area.

18. A Wall Fountain and Swimming Pool

A Wall Fountain and Swimming Pool - Best Outdoor Fountain and Decoration Idea

Why don’t you solve two problems with one action by making a wall fountain and swimming pool? Instead of keeping your backyard swimming pool wall idle, create a wall fountain on it.

Use rugged brick wall pairs to build the background wall. A breathtaking flow of water will leave you in awe. You can add vegetation at one side of the pool to add a lively vibe.

Naturalness is the key!

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Just because you want to enjoy waterfall sound doesn’t mean you will need to break your bank account. You can even create a natural water space without being fancy.

To build a hillside waterfall, you will use rocks and stone slabs. At the top of the spot, place flat stones. It will give the enjoyment of dripping water sound.

Make a remarkable combination of green plants, beautiful flowers, pebbles, and grass around the wall fountain. It really creates peace of mind the way water disperses from the top.

A Bonus Tip

We have already discussed several outdoor wall fountain design ideas. As a bonus tip, we will share how to make a bottle tower garden to make the proper use of your spacious garden. You can also do it for your small garden too. That’s why you can use old soda and water bottles to grow herbs and flowers.

How to Make A Bottle Tower Garden – Things You Will Need

Several things you will need for making a better water garden, including—

  • Several bottles (2-liter or larger)
  • One ruler
  • One pair of scissors
  • One knife
  • One marker
  • Some twines or wires
  • Garden soil and seeds of plants

Step 1 — Remove bottles’ label

How to Make A Bottle Tower Garden - Remove bottles label

First of all, we will make the tower’s base, and for that, you will pick 2-liter plastic bottles. Make sure to remove labels from the bottles to make them look better.

Now keep the bottle on the table or any flat place horizontally and cut it from the ending part of the label. However, a limited proportion of the bottom curve needs to be preserved inward.

Step 2 —Bottle Measurement

Take measurements on opposite sides of the bottle 3 inches above the cap. Use a color pen and measurement tool to mark the spot precisely. Now, follow the diameter of the BIC pen to make two holes by using scissors. Water will drain through these holes.

Step 3 —Add soil

Taking the bottom measurement and making holes is done. Now, you will add soil inside the bottles. Using a blend of garden soil and other composts will make the soil healthy.

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However, you can’t entirely fill the bottles with the soil. A minimum of one inch needed to be empty. While pouring soil inside the bottles, make sure to fill the gaps inside the soil by pressing them gently. It will help you to prevent any storage of air inside the layer of soil.

Step 4 —Create The Tower Base

How to Make A Bottle Tower Garden - Create The Tower Base

Take a final decision where you will install the bottle tower. You can use many places you can use, including a wooden fence, a wired one, or even a chain-link fence.

Now, use wire or twine to bind the bottom part of the tower. Ensure no unsteady movement from side to side so that the soil doesn’t fall on the ground.

Step 5 —Create the top part of the tower.

Now take another bottle and follow the same steps as we mentioned earlier to cut the bottle while keeping one inch empty. Once you fill the bottle with soil, don’t forget to remove the cap. It will help you to make a perfect structure without making the ends loose.

Step 6 —Use several bottles

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Your preference will determine how much tall you want to make a single vertical tower. We will recommend using 5-6 bottles by piling up them on top of each other. If you want to make several vertical towers, you can also do it—all you need is just to repeat the process that we have already mentioned.

Step 7 —Prepare bottles for irrigation.

Now, it is time to prepare bottles for the irrigation system, and you will need several bottles for it. However, this time you will need smaller bottles. Cut the bottles into half and make a 1 mm hole on the cap using any sharp objects like a cutter or scissors.

After that, make one hole on each side of the bottle and lock the bottle cap. Next, place this bottle on the roof of the elevated tower you have made earlier. Ensure that no loose issue so that it can perfectly support the bottom point.

Step 8 —Final preparation

Finally, stack all bottles one after another from bottom to top sequentially. You can use some ropes on them if they don’t stay in position. Once the bottle setup is completed, you can now add your desired seeds or tiny plants inside it. After planting the plants, water them appropriately. It is better to add an underneath of the tower so that water doesn’t store inside it.

Hopefully, now you know how to make a bottle tower garden from this step-by-step guide.


Which modern outdoor wall fountain idea do you love the most? We have already shared outdoor wall fountain ideas to make the best use of your backyard. Now you know how to build a water feature wall properly in your backyard or garden. Thanks for reading!

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