How to Build a Brick Planter Box in Your Garden – Step By Step Guide


Are you planning to build a brick planter box in your garden?

Having a garden bed with bricks can embellish your garden. However, do you know how to build a raised garden bed with bricks? Also, I can ask, do you know how to build a brick planter box in your garden?

To build a brick planter box you need to select a suitable area. After that, you need to adjust the bricks with mortar and need to stretch them to your required alignment. This is how you can build a brick planter box in your garden.

First of all, there is nothing to worry about building a planter box in your garden. Some people might say that it’s complicated, but I don’t think so.

If you are here to build a raised garden bed with bricks, then follow in my footsteps.

Tools Checklist To Build A Brick Planter Box

The equipment you are going to need during the process has been enlisted below. Collect them before starting your work.

How to Build a Brick Planter Box in Your Garden

Now we are going to show you thirteen steps to build a brick planter box. However, if you are looking for “how to build a raised garden bed with bricks?” – follow our guidelines.

Walk with us and nail it.

Step 1 – Dig Out the Mud and Level it with a Shovel.

To place the bricks, you need perpendicular support from the earth, and to get it, you have to dig it out on a certain level that’s appropriate to hold the frame of the bricks.

Step 2 – Measure the Area.

Now you will check that the area is appropriate as your vision to build the bed. If it’s positive, mark the area and level the area’s mud with a shovel.

Step 3 – Adjust Iron Rods to Maintain the Area.

Now you need to get your iron rods, and you should put them on the corners of the area. When you are certain about the placements of the rods, dip it strongly.

Adjust Iron Rods to Maintain the Area

Step 4 – Make a String Line.

Take a rope to make the string lines. Tie the knots with the iron frames and make the area. It’s not mandatory but will help you to align the bricks.

Step 5 – Place Bricks According to the Line.

Now you got an area to build the garden bed. It would be best if you lay some bricks according to the string line. These bricks are going to be used as the foundation of the garden bed.

Place Bricks According to the Line

Step 6 – Mix Mortar to Layer Bricks

You can mix your mortar in a wheelbarrow with a shovel. However, you can use a mixture machine to do the job.

During the mixing, you need to be concerned about the proportion of water being mixed. Do not make it too much sloppy. Better read the instruction written on the bag.

Step 7 – Check the Consistency in the Mortar.

To do that, you need to take the trail and take a bit of mixture from the machine and shake it off. If it does not slip off the trail, then your mixture is in perfect condition. But if it does, then add more mortar to adjust the proportions.

Step 8 – Put Some Mortar Beneath the Bricks.

Get back to your area and get ready to work.

Adjust Iron Rods to Maintain the Area

Take a brick and put some mortar in its place, then put the brick on the mortar.
Like that, you should pick up every brick you had put on the ground earlier and put some mortar. After that, place the brick in its position.

Put some pressure on the bricks while setting them on the mortar.

Step 9 – Fill up the Empty Places.

You will find out some empty places between two bricks. Put some mortar there. Fill up the gaps. Try to level it with the trail.

Step 10 – Increase the Height of the Bricks.

Now you should increase the height of the bricks. To do that, you should put more mortar on the bricks and should place more bricks on them. However, it would be best if you increased the level of the bed.

While doing that, you may need to adjust some empty spaces. To do that, you can break some bricks and can adjust them with mortar to fill up the gaps.

Step 11 – Use a Sponge to Clear the Extra Mortar.

To ensure cleanliness, you need to use a sponge or fabric to clean the extra mortar on the frame and smooth out the joints.

Step 12 – Put Concrete Crapper on the Bricks.

To finish the work now, you should put the concrete crappers on the bricks, but you need to put mortar on the brick; thus, the brick can hold the concrete crappers.

Put some pressure to adjust the level of the crappers.

Put Concrete Crapper on the Bricks

Step 13 – Paint the Frame.

If you want to paint it, then you should paint the whole frame.

Step 14 – Plant the Trees.

Now you got your frame and space to plant trees to build a raised garden bed.

Top 5 Brick Planter Box Designs For Your Lawn

Placing planter boxes is not the only key to embellish your garden. The design of the brick planter box is another crucial factor.

However, raising a garden bed with bricks will give the plants a chance to grow at a leveled-up altitude, which may increase the beauty of your garden.

Here we are going to present the top 5 brick planter box designs that can embellish your garden.

1. Rectangular Planter Box

It is the most common design of a planter box. A rectangular planter box is not only going to enhance the beauty of your garden but also going to provide a resting place.

Rectangular Brick Planter Box

2. Stair Looking Concrete Block Planter Box

Want to express your taste differently?

Then the stair-looking concrete block is one of the best choices for you. It’s a new concept perfect for adorning a small garden.

Stair Looking Concrete Block Planter Box

3. Urban Cinder Block Planter Box

Urban cinder block planter is one of the unique planter box designs. Usually, it’s perfect for rooftop gardens, but you can also set it up in your yard.

But do you know what the most tricky part of this design is?

You need to choose the color of the blocks vigilantly. It should not be a regular block. So be careful when you are choosing the color.

Urban Cinder Block Planter Box

4. Fountain Flat Block Planter Box

In the middle east countries fountain flat block, the planter box design is widespread. We hope you have already realized that you can not use regular bricks and blocks to build this structure.

There are significant types of bricks are available in the market to build that. The flat bricks or flat blocks are the ideal choices to build the planter box in your garden.

Fountain Flat Block Planter Box

5. Curved Brick Flower Bed Border

It’s trendy in Asia. If you ever visit India or Bangladesh, you will see these designs almost in every garden.

However, the curved brick flower bed border separates the lawn grasses from the flowers, diminishing the growth of weeds.

To facilitate the growth of the flowers on the bed, you should take care of the weeds. These unwanted members are enough to ruin your garden.

Curved Brick Flower Bed Border


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to build a brick planter?

It depends on the materials you are using to build. However, it costs almost $15 – $30 per square foot. You can count the labor cost in the range. Moreover, the price of bricks and mortar fluctuates eventually. So check the market price. To check the current brick price click on the link and for the current cement price click here.

Can I use bricks for raised garden beds?

Definitely, you can use the bricks for raised garden beds. You can use ceramic blocks too but the foundation needs some bricks. However, you can use any kind of bricks to raise your garden beds. Are you curious about the blocks? Check the current block prices and choose your one.

Wrapping Up

I hope you already got an idea on “how to build a brick planter box?”

Cutting the edges, building a raised garden bed with bricks is not too much complicated as it seems to be. A proper rhythm between planning and execution can boost up your work.

Moreover, there are tons of designs available on Pinterest. You can take a look to get an exceptional idea. This is the best SEO service for your garden.

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