How to Grow Lilies Indoors


Lilies are one in every of the most beautiful summer garden flowers because of their distinctive

Need proper guidance to grow lilies indoors? Here we gave a guideline on “how to grow lilies indoors?” Follow it and turn your home to heaven.

Their large, colorful, elegant, bright appearance suit all gardens, houses, offices. There have
different types of lilies like Asiatic hybrids, Martagon hybrids, Candidum hybrids, American
hybrids, Interdivisional hybrids, Oriental hybrids, Trumpet, and Aurelian hybrids, Longiflorum
hybrids, Species.

Some variants of lilies have fragrance, and a few don’t have fragrance.

Among all of them, the Peace lilies, also known as Spathiphyllum, are the best choice for indoor planting.
These lilies are also known as closet plants.

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Peace lilies are the most popular indoor lilies because of their easiest way to take care of. Many flowers are called lilies but not the true ones.

The true lilies are those are grown from bulbs and not from tubers.

Some several things and steps need to be considered for indoor lily’s productive growth.

Reproduce is the most suitable choice for growing lilies indoor. Several circumstances and factors
should be in mind for the successful growth of lilies indoor.

Best basic care can keep indoor lilies alive for about three to five years.

For indoor lilies growing fall or spring is the best time. The flowering month for lilies is March and April.

Types Of Lily House Plants

Before going to the store and picking the lilies, you need to know what type of plant you should select. Expert botanists have categorized these lilies into 9 types depending on the genetic developments. I want to explain these types, and you can decide which type is suitable for you accordingly.

Asiatic Lilies

From the name you can guess that these lilies are mostly found in Asia. But these are hybrids of various types of lilies.

These lilies don’t have their own scents and are smaller compared to most of the lilies. The stems are robust and straight and contain 4 to 6 flowers.

Due to their nature, these are favorites of certain rabbits and deer. These flowers are long-lasting and come in colors like yellow, orange, red, white, etc.

Trumpet Lilies

These lilies have an amazing scent and come in various colors like creamy white, oink, orange, red, etc.

This name is given due to its trumpet-like shape, and these lilies are very long-lasting.

They have broad-sized leaves but less broad than those of the oriental lilies.

Oriental Lilies

These lilies impart the strongest fragrance out there, and most lily-flavored perfumes come from these oriental lilies.

However, one drawback is that these are very tall, ranging from 3 to 5 feet. They have comprehensive leaves, and the foliage is pretty much resistant to animals like rabbits and deer.

So, to grow these lilies, you need a bigger space and have to take care of this plant meticulously.

But if you manage a large space, I would say that planting oriental lilies would be totally worth it.

LA Hybrid Lilies

These lilies come from Easter lilies and Asiatic lilies. Being a descendant of the Asiatic lilies, they also don’t impart any scent.

However, these lilies are bigger, not spotted, and way more beautiful than the Asiatic lilies.

These plants are medium in size so, and you can grow indoor easily,

Orienpet Lilies

These lilies come from Oriental lilies and trumpet lilies. So, they inherit the characteristics of both of the lilies.

These have a trumpet shape with comprehensive leaves and have a strong scent. These are medium in size but fun to grow indoors.

Canada Lilies

These lilies are of North-American origin and are very handy because they come in small sizes, making them easier to grow indoors.

They come in orange and yellow color, mostly with 20 blooms on each stalk.

You will love these lilies but know that deer and rabbits love them too. So, if you have a pet rabbit at your home, be careful!

Turk Cap Lilies

These lilies are very adorable and come in yellow, pink, red, or orange shades. They can range from very small to very tall up to 6 feet.

These are also known as martagon lilies, as butterflies love to sit on their elegant stems.

Longiflorium Lilies

These lilies might be the ones you need if you have a small space and aspire for a gorgeous lily plant.

These are sold as holiday plants because they impart an Easter lily appearance. The stalks maybe filled with almost a dozen blooms or more which are very fragrant.

These lilies are named Longiflorium because they can tolerate the cold temperature up to -20 degrees Celsius.

So if you plant these lilies, you can enjoy the blooms throughout the year and every season.

Which Type of Lily should I buy?

If you want to plant lilies in your home, then you must consider true lilies.

In nurseries and shops, you might be fooled with canna lilies and day lilies, but they aren’t actually lilies.

In lilies, the stalk is formed from the bulbs, which are produced from different layers of scales.

Below the bulb, you will notice roots that come from a wide disc. So, before buying any lily right away, observe what you are buying and then make your purchase.

If you have a small space in your indoors, you can go for Longiflorium, Turk cap, or Canada lilies.

However, for bigger spaces, Oriental, Hybrid, and Orienpet might be great.

This way, you can plant and cultivate the lilies you always wanted to grow in your household.

How To Grow Lilies Indoors – Step By Step Guide

Taste the Soil

Soil plays a vital role in growing indoor lilies. As lilies have many varieties, the soil may
also vary for them. Some variants grow or prefer alkaline soils, where most variants grow well in acidic or neutral soil. The soil should be moist, fertile, well-drained, and
humus-rich. In the spring, the soil becomes workable but not muddy. So, the soil should be
prepared very well before planting lilies bulb. In fall, the lilies bulb should be planted a
little earlier so that bulbs can get enough time to put down their strong roots in the soil.

Otherwise, the ground will freeze, and the bulbs won’t be able to outstretch their roots

Plant The Lilies

Plant seed for lilies ought to incline with a slow-release fertilizer. Natural plant feed or
organic may also be an honest selection for lilies seed.

Be Careful About the Lighting

Too abundant jammed, shallow or tiny bulbs ought to be avoided for indoor planting of
lilies. The lilies bulb ought to be bought simply the immediate time before planting. As
these bulbs aren’t thus motile for an extended amount to deteriorate
among time.

What About The Pot!

An evacuation hole on the bottom of the pot or container should be selected for indoor
lilies. For betterment, one can add an extra layer of rocks to the bottom of the container.

Ensure Sufficient Lighting

Proper availability of light, the air is also important for indoor lilies. Indoor lilies plant
shouldn’t keep too much near to the window. As indoor lilies grow best in the cold period, they should be kept in a place where they can get at least half a day of direct sunlight. A
cool greenhouse or cold frame house can be beneficial for indoor lilies growth.

Care About The Clumps

As the lilies’ bulbs multiply, larger clumps of lilies with many steam will grow indoor
lilies easily. To get the tender plants, lilies bulbs can be dug up and stored for years. The longer stems of old plants also assure the future growth of lilies.

Irrigate Properly

Proper watering in the fall season plays a vital role in indoor lilies. As the soil becomes dry, the continuous supply of water should be assured for indoor lilies. Proper water supply will help keep soil moist that will help to arise lilies bulb without any difficulty.

Besides these, we also need to take care that too much water may rot the lilies bulb easily.

So, after discussing all the necessary factors, it is estimated that lilies can be grown easily indoors,
For this, first, a proper container should be selected.

The accurate container size will help the lilies to grow in a flourishing way. It will allow roots to grow without causing any crowding to the bulbs.

What About The Bulbs of The Lilies!

Those bulbs whose diameter is around 4-5 inches will require an 8-9inch container to grow
well. 3-4 bulbs can be easily planted in an 8-9inch pot.

The container should be deep enough for roots to grow. A good evacuation pot with a two-inch layer of stone is also required in the selected pot.

Soil enriched with leaf mold or organic substance plays a vital role in the good growth of indoor lilies.

The bulb should be planted with the roots facing downward.

The application of high potassium liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks from planting is essential for the flourishing growth of indoor lilies. This fertilizer should be inclined at least a half-dozen weeks after planting.

Regular water the soil thoroughly with one cup of fertilizer solution ensures nice blooming of indoor lilies.

The weeds need to expand for spreading lilies stem. The proper sunlight, air, and water supply will ensure spaciously and fulfill arise of indoor lilies.

When indoor lilies blooms, avoid cutting more than one-third of the stem. If we tend to cut quite the tierce stem of lilies, then the plant can lose inexperienced healthy foliage to make energy. One necessary part of indoor lilies is that they skin them. It causes stains associated pets’ have an allergic reaction to that.

So, anyone will nip off that skin. This won’t cause any damage to indoor lilies’ beauty and growth. To prolong the self-life of indoor lilies, one will add flower food with water and unfold it to the planted lilies’ soil.

The applying of pesticides is inevitable to guard indoor lilies against gray-
molds, aphids, viruses, etc., once the blooming is completed, the leaves of indoor lilies ought to be

allowed to die eventually. like alternative lilies, indoor lilies don’t bloom quite once per season. However, we can use the plants for additional use. The pale flower can be removed simply, and also, the lilies plant is holding on for the consequent flowering season. The indoor lilies help to filter

the indoor air, and also help in better breathing

Why Should I Grow Lilies Indoors?

Lilies are very beneficial to grow indoors because they will add up beauty to your room and exert a soothing effect on your mind. You will love to grow lilies when you completely understand their requirements to survive and breed. Lilies also have loads of varieties from which you can choose the ones you need. Lilies are gorgeous and low maintenance at the same time.

Purification of Air

Lilies are well known for their ability to reduce air pollution. If you live on a busy road, you might often face pollution from cars and other vehicles. The outer air might not enter inside but a part might enter. Lily plants can dump the pollutants and filter out the fresh air inside your home.

Low Maintenance

Lilies are deficient maintenance. Even if you forget to water them regularly, they will surely thrive. These plants can be found from small to large size range, so you can just pick whichever you want. Lilies don’t even require direct sunlight to grow. You can grow them in your house with the lights you have in general. If you want such plants that don’t require consistent caring, lilies are just what you need.

You Can Have a Peaceful Sleep

Yes, that’s true! Lilies actually help promoting a restful sleep. Since they can filter the toxic air from outside, your inner environment is purified and humidity is increased. In addition to that, lilies absorb mould spores which can be potential allergic agents. So, there is no chance of having an allergen attack from outside environment. it also alienates stress and depression around you and enhances a soothing and calm effect.

Perfect For Home Décor

If you are a peace-loving person, then you will love to have lilies in your home. They come in various colors, shapes and sizes. There are so many types of lilies which gives you many options to choose. You can just plant these in small pots and decorate your living room by putting in shelves. You can also grow them in medium-sized vases which will add sophistication and grace to your room

Removing Mould Spores

If you are allergic to mould spore, then you must have lily plants in your home. Mould spores are such agents which are responsible for certain types of allergies like sneezing, throat irritation, eye irritation, chronic lung infection, asthma etc. If you plant lilies, then they can eliminate the mold spore and purify the air. If you are sensitive to mould spore then lilies can be a great option for you.

Health Benefits

Lilies are very good if you can ingest them as food or just keep them for show. Here are the following health benefits of having lilies in your home:

  • Regulates heart beat for better function of heart
  • Helps dilating arteries
  • Can be used as herbal remedy to treat burns and scars
  • Can be used as a herbal remedy to treat angina, during leprosy etc.
  • Dried lily extracts can be used as a laxative as well as diuretic
  • Dried lily extracts can be ingested as herbal tea to treat coughs and allergies
  • Due to the astringent properties, these can heal inflammation and cuts
  • Lily flower oil can be used to soothe anxiety and depression

Wrapping Up

To sum up, I would like to suggest that lilies can be a great option for growing in household. I hope you got your answer on how to grow lilies indoors.

You just have to buy a plant, place it in your home and give minimum efforts and yet have a successful growth in your indoor garden, you can also place them in your living room area as decoration because they don’t need sunlight to thrive.

The benefits are just additional to the decorations. So, what are you waiting for? If you are still hesitant to grow lilies indoor, this article will make you convinced that its just worth it.

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