Can Police Detect 600 Watts Light? How To Hide The Heat Signature?


With a 600 watts LED light you can enlighten at least 600×30= 18,000 square feet. In this case, you are enlighting per square feet equally. But usually, people do not use this much energy to cover a large area. Then why you are using it? Actually, you need to grow Marijuana in your grow tent and for this, you need a 600 watts LED light in your grow tent.

So, let’s come back to the topic, “can police detect 600 Watts Light?”

Yes! Police can detect or tack the 600 Watts light with their latest technology. The IR technology can detect the heat signature and 600W light emits an enormous amount of heat which can easily be detected by the police.

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How Cops Detect a 600W LED Light?

To know that you have to understand the MOA (mechanism of action) of the IR. IR (Infrared) can scan 39611.19 square feet area at a time.

How Cops Detect a 600W LED Light?

The scanner through selective laser rays which one’s frequency get wavy when it comes to the contact of a certain amount of heat signature. The amount of heat they want to detect can be set by the digital screen. Usually, while circulating they try to detect starting from 300 watts of heat. So easily you can understand how the cops can detect a 600W light’s heat.

How You Can Hide The Heat Signature of a 600W Light?

There are certain ways to hide the heat signature of a 600W light. We are going to show you below.

Use Mylar Fabrics

Mylar is one kind of reflective fabric that can hide the heat or reduce the release of the heat outside. Most of the grow tents are made of Mylar fabrics. So, already you have protection.

You can buy extra Mylar fabrics to re-rap the grow tent. However, you have to calculate the amount you need to buy by reading the description of the product.

Moreover, Mylar can block the IR which usually be used by the cops.

Use an Aluminium Sheet

Using an aluminium sheet is a cheaper way to hide the heat signature. But using Mylar fabric is a much better option. However, you can buy an aluminium sheet to re-rap your grow tent.

Build Underground Bunker

This is a pretty tough method to hide the heat signature. However, if you are really interested to go through the process you can check the following article – How Can You Grow Marijuana in Grow Tent Without Being Detected by Police?

We have discussed this in details in the article. So, I am not touching it here.

Build a Stone Cave To Hide

How to hide heat signature with stone cave

We have already discussed the easiest methods to hide the heat signature. Now we are going to the toughest one. Building a stone cave in your garden.

The benefit of building it is, you have no need to dig the ground. That’s it.

The image we showed is not the ideal one. But it’s pretty much like that.

So there are ways you can hide the heat signature of a 600 watts light.

Can You Grow Cannabis Without 600W Light?

Yes! you can grow cannabis without a 600W light. In this case, you need to reduce the amount of area coverage and need to use at least 315 watts of light in your grow tent.

However, there are a lot of ways to grow cannabis without making a suspicious move.

Use 2×2 Grow Tents

You can use 2×2 or 3×3 grow tents and can hide them in your basement where you can use low powered LED lights. The number of trees will reduce in that case and you may need to buy multiple grow tents, but I think it’s worth taking the risk.

Use Green Houses

Using large greenhouses can be a smart move to grow cannabis if you have a large ground. Definitely, you are not going to have any light in the Greenhouse in summer. But in winter when you are going to use lights it won’t attract the attention much.

As you have come this far, you are smart enough to know how to hide the tress in the jungle.

Wrapping Up

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