Can Lawn Mower Batteries Be Recharged? How to Properly Recharge Lawn Mower Batteries?


It is sometimes common to have a dead lawn mower battery, especially when you don’t use it for a long time. Lawnmower batteries have a decent capacity to hold battery charge. But, the charge drains over time even if you don’t use it.

Can lawn mower batteries be recharged?

Yes, you can recharge your lawnmower battery with a charger. As most lawnmower batteries come in 12-volt, choose a battery charger that is compatible with it.

A smart charger could be a better option since it doesn’t get prone to overcharging.

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Recharging a dead lawnmower battery is not a complicated procedure—all you need is to have a good charger and know how to properly recharge lawn mower batteries.

Can Lawn Mower Batteries Be Recharged?

Can Lawn Mower Batteries Be Recharged?

So, you are here to know, can lawn mower batteries be recharged? You can easily recharge your lawnmower battery with a decent charger.

Lawnmower batteries work like a typical car battery. They mainly provide electric power to start the engine.

Choose the right type of charger for a better recharging system. Voltage is the main point you should focus on while selecting a battery charger for your lawnmower. Some old lawnmowers may have a 6-volt battery, but most modern lawnmowers feature 12-volt batteries.

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Many battery chargers feature extra charging options, such as “jump” mode fast-charging, 2-amp slow charge, etc. The 2-amp slow charging option is better than a fast-charging option for deep charging while discharging charge slowly during the usage.

When To Charge Your Mower’s Battery?

Regularly recharging your mower’s battery is not necessary unless it becomes dead. However, you should still recharge them in some conditions, such as

  • Consider recharging the battery in the early spring before starting the machine.
  • It is a rule of thumb to recharge your lawnmower battery fully before storing it for the winter season.
  • Lastly, you obviously want to recharge it when the battery is dead suddenly.

How to Properly Recharge Lawn Mower Batteries? Step By Step Guide

So, you have already learned about “Can lawn mower batteries be recharged?” But do you know how to properly recharge lawn mower batteries?

Charging your lawnmower battery requires the following simple steps. Additionally, you don’t need to remove the battery from the machine to recharge it. Doing it while it is in its place won’t cause any problem.

Here is the procedure on how to properly recharge lawn mower batteries step-by-step:

Step 1 —Wearing Protective Gear

How to Properly Recharge Lawn Mower Batteries - Wearing Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear is essential to keep you safe. Any disastrous may occur as there is no guaranteed safety for electrical machines.

So, what should you wear to protect yourself while doing this work? Generally, you need to wear three things:

Serial No Things You Will Need
1 Goggles
2 Safety outfits
3 Hand gloves

Step 2 —Disconnecting The Charger

Your lawnmower is connected to an electrical connector on the machine. You want to disconnect it carefully.

Step 3 — Checking The Battery

How to Properly Recharge Lawn Mower Batteries - Checking The Battery

Check out your lawnmower battery. You will most likely see them under the seat of the machine. You can reach in the manufacturer manual to find the battery if you are struggling.

Step 4 —Connecting The Battery Side

Each lawnmower battery has two terminals: a red positive and a black negative side. Firstly, you want to locate the red positive terminal and connect it with the red positive charging wire. Then, you will identify the black negative terminal and combine it with the black negative charging wire. Make sure you connected them properly with looseness.

Step 5 —Preparing For Charging

Connecting is done. Now, you want to match the charging voltage between the lawnmower machine and the charger.

As most of the new lawnmowers come with a 12-volt option, we assume you also have one of them. So, choose the setting option before finally switching on the charger switch.

Step 6 —Charging The Battery

Now, you want to insert the charger into an electric socket. Wait until it fully gets recharged and then disconnects the charger. It may take 1-1.5 hours to recharge the battery fully.

So, these are the steps you want to follow to learn about how to properly recharge lawn mower batteries.

What Type Of Battery Your Lawnmower Has?

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Most of the lawnmowers have lithium batteries due to their lightweight and environmentally friendly properties.

Do Li-ion batteries develop a memory?

No, they don’t have memory or lazy battery effect. It means they hold the correct amount of charge that you need to start your machine.

Is it mandatory to recharge the battery after each mowing session?

No, you don’t need to charge your lawnmower battery after every charge since it doesn’t have any memory effect.

How to Charge, Maintain Lawn Mower Batteries?

Nowadays, electric lawnmowers have become popular as they are eco-friendly and cost less. Additionally, electric lawnmowers have been improved significantly.

Cutting thick and tall grasses requires lots of power. The powerful Li-ion batteries of lawnmowers have the capability to take the load. In fact, you don’t need to recharge after every mowing session for a small yard.

What Is The Best Way To Charge A Lawnmower Battery?

What Is The Best Way To Charge A Lawnmower Battery?

Each electric lawnmower includes a charger. There is also a guide that will explain how to charge your battery efficiently.

A burning question for electric lawnmowers —should you plug in the charger or recharge the battery only when the charge level drops significantly?

You should not fully discharge and overcharge if your lawnmower has a lithium-ion battery. Otherwise, it will shorten the estimated life cycle of the battery.

So, how much charge should at least hold?

According to Associate professor Gary Koenig, University of Virginia, you should recharge it when your lawnmower battery charge level drops to 20 percent. Following this method will ensure the optimum life expectancy for the battery.

Additionally, your lawnmower won’t perform as efficiently as it performs with sufficient charge.  Monitor the charging and disconnect the charger once it reaches 100 percent.

Never Overlook Manufacturer Instruction

Never Overlook Manufacturer Instruction

Since the manufacturer made the lawnmower, they know the best way to take care of it. In order to make sure the battery performs at its best, it is essential to follow their instructions.

Due to the improvement of technology, batteries take less time to charge while holding them longer. In fact, overcharging can’t harm the battery since the system is developed in that way.

However, many manufacturers still suggest users disconnect chargers after they are fully recharged. Also, you should not run the machine when you see the warning sign of battery low.

If you continuously plugged in the charge for one month, you may notice battery performance significantly. What is the solution? Charge when needed. Disconnect when it is full.

Maintaining Batteries Regularly Prevents Problems

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You won’t have to face much hassle to take care of electric lawnmowers, unlike gas-powered mowers. Most of the regular mower users reviewed that routine maintenance prevents issues for lawnmowers.

One of the essential points is keeping the mower deck clean and makes it free from moisture. It will ensure smooth operation for the lawnmower while keeping the battery healthy.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Lawnmower Battery?

No matter how perfectly you take off your lawnmower battery, you need to replace it after a certain time. Battery performance will gradually deteriorate over time.

For example, your new lawnmower battery can hold a charge for 90 minutes if you continuously mow the lawn. After 5-6 years, the mowing period may last 50 minutes with a full charge.

Before completely replacing a lawnmower battery, you will see the wear-out issue. Plus, the charge life cycle will reduce, and battery drainage will occur. Since it happens slowly, you may not notice it initially.

Things Should Practice For Charging Lawnmower Batteries

  • Always use original batteries and chargers from the brand.
  • Oil and grease should not come close to the battery.
  • Regularly inspect how much time the battery holds the charge.
  • Ensure safety for the battery terminals by storing them in a safe place.
  • Keeping batteries far away from metal objects is always encouraged.
  • If you want to keep the mower idle for a long time, take off the battery.
  • Keeping the battery dry and clean is necessary.
  • When the battery becomes hot or damaged, avoid using it.

Things Not Do For Lawnmower Batteries

  • Never forcefully try to modify the voltage capacity of the battery.
  • Never toss damaged batteries on the dustbin. Follow the manufacturing company’s recommendation.
  • Never charge your mower battery in a location where dampness is available.
  • Never recharge batteries when the temperature is too cold or hot. Follow a particular temperature to charge the battery based on the manufacturing company’s recommendation.
  • Never keep the battery close to heat or fire as it may associate with an explosion.

Wrapping Up

For any gas-powered lawnmower, having charges on the battery is essential to start the engine. Without sufficient charges, you may fail to run your lawnmower smoothly. To recharge your gas-powered lawnmower battery, use a decent charger.

If no option is available, you can charge it with a car. Make sure to do it correctly. Hopefully, you have got a clear idea about “Can lawn mower batteries be recharged?”

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