How to Hang Exhaust Fan in Grow Tent? The Ultimate Step By Step Guide


Who doesn’t love nature?

I think everyone wants the freshness of the plants surrounding them.

That is why gardening is becoming very popular day by day. But plants have some requirements of their own.

They love the gentle breeze and inversion of the environment, which can sometimes not be provided when grown indoors.

So what we are looking for? How to hang exhaust fan in grow tent?

To hang the exhaust fan in grow tent you need to prepare the carbon filter first. Then Connect The Carbon Filter With The Exhaust Fan and ensure the placement of the fan. To know more details, check the article.

In this case, ventilation is essential for growing plants in grow tents. Owning a grow tent is the first step of gardening.

But to maintain the grow tent and the plants inside, you have to fulfill the plants’ requirements.

You have to ensure that the plants are getting optimum airflow and temperature in grow tent, and this good quality airflow is essential for the overall growth of your plants.

To ensure the proper ventilation inside your grow room or tent, knowing how to hang exhaust fan in grow tent is a vital factor to consider.

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How To Hang Exhaust Fan In Grow Tent? Step By Step Guide

The grow tent’s extracting system reminds of three main steps; how to prepare the carbon filter, how to hang the exhaust fan in grow tent, and the ducting system.

Step 1 – Prepare The Carbon Filter

First of all, you have to prepare the carbon filter. To prepare this, you need to uncover the thing by removing the plastic layer.

To know more – How To Make A Carbon Air Filter For Your Grow Tent

Step 2 – Get The Screws Back

There will be some screws that pasted the flange plate inside. You have to remove those screws, pull the flange plate up, and get the screws back to their places while remaining the plate upside-down.

Step 3 – Cover The Plate

Now, you should put the dust cover over the plate.

Step 4 – Connect The Carbon Filter With The Exhaust Fan

The next step is considered the tricky one, and many people find that difficult. But it not so tough, though it needs carefulness. This step involves connecting the carbon filter with the exhaust fan.

The carbon filter is a bed of activated carbon, which absorbs and removes the impurities, toxicity, contaminations.

It altogether removes all the humid, unpleasant smell and purifies the air. The carbon filter in the grow tent works better when it connects with the exhaust fan.

They can be placed in different ways like a carbon filter can be placed outside of the tent, an exhaust fan can be placed inside or vice versa, and both the carbon filter and exhaust fan can be placed in the middle of the ducting, or they both can be placed outside of the tent if your grow tent is too small.

But if you can place both of them inside your grow tent, it will be more beneficial.

To connect those, you may need a short ducting section, shearing machine, and scissors.

Step 5 – Insert One Blade Into The Paper

Get your scissors and insert one blade of the scissor into the foil paper at the end part of your ducting and stretch out the ducts round one time.

Step 6 – Use Shearing Machine & Wire Cutter

You can not separate the ducting parts because they are in a spiral motion, and so the cut may almost meet the other side but can not be separated. For this, you need the shearing machine and wire cutter to separate them at the point where you cut the foil.

Step 6 – Continue!!

Now take e jack chain and cut them off into two equal pieces to hang the filter and the exhaust fan with ducting. Two halves will stick to two ends of the duct.

Those mentioned above, two separated ducts will be used to connect the exhaust fan with the carbon filter by two duct clips on both ends.

Step 7 – Hung Together

The carbon filter and exhaust fan will be hung together outside the tent with e hanging rail and then joined in situ.

Slide one end of the small duct on the flange plate, attach the duct clip and make it tight with screws using a screwdriver.

Step 8 – Placement of the Exhaust Fan

Next, on the exhaust fan‘s surface, there will be an arrow that denotes the direction of airflow. Make sure this arrow points to the carbon filter’s opposite because the exhaust fan will suck the air coming from the carbon filter and will not blow air through the filter. That is why it is vital to make sure of the direction while placing the filter and exhaust fan in grow tent.

Step 9 – Final Check!

On the small end of ducting, slide the duct over the flange all the way long and secure it with another duct clip. Then, slide the long end of ducting over the other end and tighten it with the last duct clip.

This extracting system should be installed as higher as possible to pass the air properly. That’s why the ceiling of grow tent is preferable to install.

If you want to hang the exhaust fan and filter outside of the tent, you have to lift them while hanging with the jack chain. You can do this in association with another person.

It is recommended to raise them while they are not connected because it will be more comfortable in this way, and you do not need any helping hand.

Hang the filter and exhaust fan as close as possible with the hanging rail in the final step. Use the straps attached to the filter and jack chain to support the exhaust fan and connect them with the hanging rail.

Now, join the fan with the filter mentioned above, and the whole extracting system will hang from the hanging rail itself. Hope you got the answer “How to hang exhaust fan in grow tent?”

What Are The Effects of The Ventilation System On Plants?

Effects of The Ventilation System On Plants

You have learned “How to hang exhaust fan in grow tent?” but have you ever thought? what are the effects of that exhaust fan?

Growing plants indoors means you must have to provide the plants the optimum environment compared to what they can get while growing outdoor.

Plants need air rich in carbon dioxide for their proper growth.

While growing outside, plants can be in touch with an adequate amount of CO2 from the environment.

But in the case of growing plants in grow tent, there can be a lack of CO2, and so the installation of an exhaust fan is essential to pass CO2 continuously inside of the grow tent.

Otherwise, the growth of plants can be bothered in many ways. Also, plants can have a fresh breeze from the environment while growing outside, giving strength to their stems, but they may not get those adequately while growing indoors.

Thus, by installing the exhaust fan in grow tent, we can provide them the fresh air, not too much, not too little, which helps them grow faster and maintain the humidity and temperature inside as well.

By moving out the impure air outside the tent, we can protect the plants from molds, insects, pests, etc.

The process of how to hang exhaust fan in grow tent is a very challenging setup to form as it requires some tricks and tips and some techniques as well, but it’s easy when you understand the way correctly.

This system will help to increase the plant’s health. It will help remove the bad odor and heat from inside the grow tent and maintain the temperature required for growing plants.

What Are The Benefits of Installing Exhaust Fan In Grow Tent?

You have learned “How to hang exhaust fan in grow tent?” but have you ever thought? what are the benefits of having an exhaust fan?

1. Reduction of Noise

Installation of the exhaust fan within the ceiling will help you to reduce noise from grow tent. If you want your grow room to be silent and have a proper ceiling system where you can mount an exhaust fan, you will benefit.

2. Greater Capacity To Pass The Air

Hanging the exhaust fan in grow tent will be useful because, by this inline fan, you can extend or reduce the length between the extraction point and the outlets. Extending the distance will provide greater capacity for the air to pass through.

3. Making Several Outlets

You can make several outlets and intake points by the DIY method. These outlets and intake points are needed while using a big grow room for your plants.

How Does The Exhaust Fan Work?

Effects of The Ventilation System On Plants

The exhaust fan is something that is used to extract the wastes outside of something.

For instance, if you use an exhaust fan in your grow room for plants, it will remove the foul odor, air, wastes, humid outside of the tent.

The fan has to be installed in a place from where air can easily pass through.

The fan’s ability depends on the height of the ceiling, size of the room, and you must have to know how to hang an exhaust fan in grow tent properly.

That is why you should know some key aspects related to the process of installing the inline duct. You can check our best grow tent fans in 2021.

What Are Components Do We Need To Install An Oscillating Fan In Grow Tent?

1. Intake Vent

VIVOSUN 4 inch Inline Duct Fan 100 CFM, HVAC Exhaust Intake Fan, Low Noise & Extra Long 5.5' Grounded Power Cord

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The extraction system needs an intake vent that will serve as the extraction point in grow tent. This vent will extract air from the inside of the tent. Intake vents can be different in shape, size, and price.

You have to choose yours according to your tent size and your budget as well. The smaller ones are preferred to use as it reduces the distance the air has to flow.

2. Ducting

AC Infinity Flexible 4-Inch Aluminum Ducting, Heavy-Duty Four-Layer Protection, 25-Feet Long for Heating Cooling Ventilation and Exhaust

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You will need ducting for your extraction system because it will be challenging to hang your fan and filter without this.

You may need ducting to join the internal vent to the motor and the motor with the external vent. There are many types of ducting, such as the flexible one, semi-rigid, and insulated one.

The most popular is flexible ducting, as you can flex it according to your choice.

3. Exhaust Fan

iPower 12 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan Aluminum High Speed 1620RPM, 940 CFM, 1-Pack, Silver

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The fan is a must for any extraction system. A fan will suck the air out of the tent and make the inside purified and provide the proper environment to grow your plants.

Also, there are many exhaust fans to use, but you have to choose carefully depending on your necessity and room size, and application of the fan.

4. Exhaust Fan Calculator

Place Air changes per hour
Bakery 20-30 times
Factory or workshop 8-10 times
Canteen 8-12 times
Fume cupboard 40-50 times
Commercial kitchen 30-35 times
Foundry 8-15 times
Dairy 8-10 times
Garage 7-10 times
Electroplating shop 10-13 times
Spray booth 20-50 times
Engine room 10-30 times
Warehouse or store 3-8 times

An exhaust fan calculator is needed to calculate the extraction level required for your plants’ growth in grow tent.

There is a simple equation with which you can easily calculate the exhaust fan extraction level.

The equation is  –

Fan volume (m3/hr) = Length(m) x Width(m) x Height(m) x air changes per hour

Remember, a fan will work better when you use the same diameter of ducting as your fan. Reducing the diameter will reduce the quality of the work the exhaust fan will serve.

5. External Vent

Deflecto Supurr-Vent Louvered Outdoor Dryer Vent Cover, 4' Hood, White (HS4W/18)

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The external vent is the last vital aspect of your extraction system. You may place the external vent on your tent’s outside wall or may mount it through the hanging rail; it’s up to your choice.

You can also use a backdraft shutter to reduce the backflow of the air passing through, and it will close the system while the fan is not in use.

How To Hang Oscillating Fan In Grow Tent? Step By Step Guide

How To Hang Oscillating Fan In Grow Tent

Some gardeners do not want to use ducting with an exhaust fan and filter, and sometimes they choose oscillating fans over an exhaust fan with or without ducting because the oscillating fans are cheap compared to others.

Oscillating fans are sometimes better than the exhaust fan as they can oscillate, so a gentle breeze can be provided without blowing on a specific part for a long time.

Now, you can hang your oscillating fan in your grow tent in many ways. I will show you how to hang an oscillating fan in grow tent, which I found easy and time-consuming to set up.

Step 1 – Use Offset Flange

You can use the offset flange black with screw holes to fix it with your tent’s pillars. You have to attach two flange black, each with the cornerstones of two corners of the back wall inside the tent.

Try to stick the flange as close as possible to the roof. Then, you have to attach a long wood piece connecting the two corner flange with screws.

Step 2 – Secure The Oscillating Fan

You have to secure your oscillating fan with the wood piece wherever you want according to your necessity.

Once you have installed the whole procedure, your extraction system is now ready to use. Now you have to switch the plug on, and your plants are ready to go inside!

If you follow the above procedure correctly, you can make sure that your plants will get the appropriate airflow and environment to grow better than before.

In this article, we tried to describe how to hang exhaust fan in grow tent and how to hang an oscillating fan in grow tent elaborately to make things better for you.

Remember, the perfect growth of your plants depends on the process of extracting and installing them.

The more accurately you hang your exhaust fan, the better quality of airflow you will get, and the more yield you will get from your tent.

What Are The Facts That You Have To Be Careful About While Hanging an Oscillating Fan In Grow Tent?

Your Fan Should Not Blow Wind Directly Onto The Plants

What Are The Facts That You Have To Be Careful About While Hanging an Oscillating Fan In Grow Tent?

Always make sure that your fan should not blow wind on one specific part of your plants or directly onto the plants.

Also, too much wind will cause your plants to be clawed. When too much airflow blows onto plants, it will cause wind-burned, making the plants clawed.

You may think seeing the clawed plants that the clawing has caused by overwatering or underwatering, but the leading cause will be the over-winding.

Be Careful About The Arrow

Be careful about the arrow on the fan’s surface, which will direct you to which point you should place the exhaust fan and the carbon filter. Do not face the exhaust fan to the carbon filter; otherwise, it will work negatively.

Take Care of The Oscillation

In the case of an oscillating fan, you should take care of whether the oscillation is working correctly or not. Otherwise, it will make noise when it could not oscillate naturally.

Use An Exhaust Fan Calculator

You have to use an exhaust fan calculator to check the exhausting system because the overall temperature, humidity, airflow speed, etc., are factors you should be concerned about to grow your plants correctly.

Maintain The Diameter

Maintain the diameter of the ducting and the exhausting fan as it is a significant concern.

Be Careful About The Cheap Ducting Fans

Do not buy cheap ducting fans if you can afford better because the cheap ducting fans may tell you, according to their CFM rate, that they can blow a lot of air, but actually, they do not have that much power to blow.

So, choose your fan wisely.

Choose As Your Room Size

You have to choose the duct, filter, and fans according to your room or tent size and their price. If you have a small tent, do not buy a bigger fan.

Ensure Better Placement

Try to hang your fan as close as possible to the roof because the more up your exhaust fan would be placed, the better airflow you will receive.

Check Regularly

Check the humidity regularly as plants continuously giving up water vapor into the air, which may cause problems inside the tent.

Seal The System

You have to seal the whole exhausting system after using it as it is useful to make the system more efficient.

When you are using a carbon filter and the exhausting system, sealing is a must; otherwise, the air will pass through without being vented properly from the grow space.

The primary purpose of the exhausting fan is suction which is almost impossible without sealing.

Make Sure There is No Leakage

If you are using a carbon filter, you should make sure that there is no leakage at the joint between the filter and the fan.

Final Check!

Finally, cleaning your exhaust fan is essential otherwise, it won’t work properly, and the temperature will increase inside the tent, which will inhibit plants’ growth.

Final Verdict

So, I hope you understood how to hang exhaust fan in grow tent. However, if you are facing issues, you can contact us via email. We can assist you in fixing it.

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