How To Start Lawn Mower Without Primer Bulb? The Ultimate Guide


Gone are those days a long ago when people used to use their hands to mow the lawn. A lawnmower is an innovative machine that doesn’t only cut grass quickly but efficiently. It also ensures a beautiful and enchanting appearance. But all this is only possible when your lawnmower works smoothly.

So, How to start lawnmower without primer bulb?

To start lawnmower without primer bulb you need to follow the following steps-

  • Making Ready The Mower
  • Turning On The Parking Option
  • Looking For The Air Cleaner
  • Taking Off Screws
  • Taking Out The Air Filter
  • Using A Volatile, Flammable Liquid
  • Putting Back The Air Cleaner
  • Turning On The Engine

As a regular user of a lawnmower, it is needless to say how important the primer bulb is for this machine. Most old lawnmowers include a primer bulb since a carburetor covers a huge amount of space in a lawnmower.

Let’s get to the point. Do you know how to start lawn mower without a primer bulb, and is it actually possible? Yes! It is attainable, and you can do it independently if you know the right method.

In this post, we will share how to start lawn mower without primer bulb step-by-step. Scroll on!

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What Is A Lawn Mower Primer And How Does It Work?

Before knowing how to start lawn mower without primer bulb, it is essential to understand what is a lawnmower primer is and how it works.

What Is A Lawn Mower Primer Bulb?

What Is A Lawn Mower Primer Bulb?

The construction of the primer bulb looks like a tiny rubber switch or bulb, which you will push. When you press the button, it releases prime to help to start the machine.

How does A Lawn Mower Primer Bulb Works

Having an idea of how the lawnmower primer works is essential. The best example to understand how lawnmower primer works could be the human body.

You can take your heart as a pump. To move blood from your heart to every part of your body, you need a pump. So, the primer bulb is the pump for a lawnmower.

Without a primer bulb, you can start your machine -but not as efficiently as you do with a primer bulb.

How To Start Lawn Mower Without Primer Bulb? Step By Step Guide

The location of the primer bulb is between the engine and the gas tank, which is also called the fuel line. So what is the job of a primer bulb for a lawnmower? The main task of this component is filling fuel at the correct amount inside the carburetor while your lawnmower machine is cold.

Most manufacturers use either plastic or rubber to make primer bulbs. If you are wondering how to start lawn mower without primer bulb, just follow these below steps. It will merely take 10 minutes to accomplish this job.

Before knowing the procedure, let’s first learn what items you will need to complete this task.

Serial No Things You Will Need
1 Screwdriver
2 Any Volatile, Flammable Liquid
3 Eyeglasses
4 Hand Gloves

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Prime a Lawn Mower without Primer?

Step 1 —Making Ready The Mower

Choose a flat and open space before starting the procedure. Your garden sideways can be a good option if the surface is smooth. This will be an easy and convenient task for you.

Step 2 —Turning On The Parking Option

Keeping your mower in the parking mode will stop it from starting accidentally. Though it is a pretty basic task, we are still reminding you so that you don’t forget.

Step 3 —Looking For The Air Cleaner

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The air filter of a lawnmower is mainly located on the engine side. Before finding the air filter, the air cleaner chamber will be visible to you.

On the top of the air filter, you will see a cover. Several screws are on the air filter lid to make it properly connected with the engine body.

Step 4 —Taking Off Screws

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Now, you want to loosen the screws using a screwdriver. And finally, remove them from their position and keep them in a safer place as you will need them again.

Step 5 —Taking Out The Air Filter

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Now put your hands inside the air cleaner chamber and take out the air filter from it carefully. After removing it from the chamber, the air cleaner chamber becomes more visible to you.

Step 6 —Using A Volatile, Flammable Liquid

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Different types of volatile, flammable liquid are available in the market. You can use a starter fluid, which many professional mechanics often recommends.

Spray the liquid inside the air cleaner chamber where you see a hole. Make sure you use it carefully — no fire is close to you.

Step 7 —Putting Back The Air Cleaner

So, you have already sprayed the liquid inside the chamber. Now, putting back the air cleaner in its previous spot is all you have to do.

Make sure you place the lid correctly and tighten the screws properly without overdoing them. Keeping the cover in a reversed position will prevent the free airflow, and it may clog up too.

Step 8 —Turning On The Engine

So, everything is done; now you want to start the machine. Hopefully, it will run smoothly. Now, you can use the lawnmower without a premier bulb.

So, these are all the steps you want to follow to get a clear idea about how to start lawn mower without primer bulb.


  • Don’t forget to wear hand gloves and eyeglasses for optimal protection.
  • Check the lawnmower’s manual before using it. You will have a clear view of how each part works and how they are co-related.
  • Use the screwdrivers very carefully.
  • Kids should be closed to you while you are doing this work.

How To Replace A Craftsman Lawn Mower Primer Bulb?

How To Replace A Craftsman Lawn Mower Primer Bulb?

So, you have learned how to start lawn mower without primer bulb. But having a primer bulb saves your time and gives your multiple benefits too. That’s why knowing how to replace a craftsman lawn mower primer bulb is essential.

Like other components, you may need to replace a craftsman lawn mower primer bulb after a certain time. You may see a cracking issue on the primer bulb due to long-time usage or sun exposure.

Before knowing how to replace a craftsman lawn mower primer bulb, you should know whether the primer bulb has become faulty or not. So, how will you learn? You will notice a gas leak issue, and also, it will not have adequate pressure after pressing it. Additionally, the rubber gasket of the carburetor may become a faulty float needle.

Replacing a lawnmower primer bulb takes only a few minutes if you know the right method. Plus, you don’t need so many tools as most of them might be available to you.

Let’s learn how to replace a craftsman lawn mower primer bulb step-by-step.

Serial No Things You Will Need
1 Flathead Screwdriver
2 Long-Nose Pliers
3 Carb Cleaner

Step 1 —Preparing Mower

Before replacing the bulb, you want to keep the machine on a flat surface for easier work. Also, let the machine comes at a normal temperature if you used it recently.

Step 2 —Checking Primer Bulb

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Most lawnmowers have the primer bulb on the right side. You want to go on that side and inspect it. The color of the bulb is either red or black. It may come with a retaining ring or not.

Step 3 — Removing Retaining Ring

If your primer bulb has a retaining ring, take it out straight by holding it carefully. Now, you can see how the primer clip attaches to the primer bulb behind it.

Step 4 — Releasing Clips

Remove the plastic clip by pushing the flathead screwdriver into it on the other side. Release the second clip in the same manner.

Step 5 — Removing Primer Bulb

Now, use your flathead screwdriver at the back of the released clip to ferret out the primer bulb. Finally, use a versatile tool like long-nose pliers to take out the primer clip and bulb.

Step 6 — Cleaning Primer Bulb Casing

Next, take a carb cleaner and spray it inside the primer bulb casing. However, as the place is pretty small, you can first apply the cleaner on cotton buds and rub them out inside it.

Step 7 — Installing New Primer Bulb

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Now, attach the intact primer bulb clip over the intact primer bulb. Check out the circular area of your primer bulb, and make sure the tabs are lining outside of that area.

Carefully place the primer bulb inside the primer bulb casing, and a 17mm socket is needed to mount the clip.

Next, you want to insert the socket inside the primer bulb casing by pressing internally as long as the clip is positioned perfectly.

Step 8 — Attaching Retaining Ring

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Lastly, attach the retaining ring to the primer bulb if it is available.

That’s it! These are the required steps you will go through to have a complete idea of how to replace a craftsman lawn mower primer bulb.

How Do You Prime A Craftsman Platinum Lawn Mower?

What kind of lawnmower do you have? How do you prime a craftsman platinum lawn mower? This type of lawnmower includes a primer or a carburetor.

The main job of this primer is to supply air inside the carb. The carburetor includes a jet where gas is sent by the primer. Hence, starting a cold mower becomes a hassle-free task with the perfect mixture of air and gas.

Here we are mentioning “How do you prime a craftsman platinum lawnmower?” step-by-step.

Let’s go through the steps!

How do You Prime a Craftsman Platinum Lawnmower?

How do You Prime a Craftsman Platinum Lawnmower?

Step 1 —Identifying Press-Button Type Bulb

As you own a craftsman platinum lawn mower, you are supposed to have a press-button type bulb on the carburetor. This type of bulb is flexible and effortless to use. Most of them have a red color, so identifying them is easy.

Step 2 —Preparing Mower

Before priming the lawnmower, make sure you keep the machine in a flat position so you can work conveniently.

Step 3 —Pushing Bulb

Now, you want to push the bulb 2-3 times. It will create enough pressure to supply the perfect amount of air and fuel mixture inside the curb.

Step 4 —Starting Engine

Now pull the starter to crank the engine. It should start with one or two attempts. If not, give it some rest for few seconds. Then try cranking again.

Step 5 —Repeating

If you failed to start the engine, you should try it when the temperature is lower. Do the priming and cranking steps again to run the machine.

Hopefully, you have got a clear view about “How do you prime a craftsman platinum lawnmower?”

How Do You Start A Briggs And Stratton Lawnmower?

How Do You Start A Briggs And Stratton Lawnmower?

A wide range of lawnmower engines is available in the market. Briggs and Stratton Lawnmowers are one of the most reliable machines that can start consistently. Hence, you don’t need to give much effort to start this handy mower—all you need is to provide a few pumps of the priming bulb to start it.

However, automobiles will show various types of problems over time. You want to address the problem soonest for smooth operation. You may face difficulty in starting it. How do you start a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower?

Here are the procedures you want to follow if you wonder, “How do you start a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower?”

Step 1 —Identifying Ignition System

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Different lawnmowers have different ignition systems; check out the instruction manual to identify your mower ignition system.

Ignition systems with Prime’ N Pull or Smooth Start mechanism require prime the mower when it is in cold temperature.

However, if it has Smooth Start Plus or Ready Start mechanism, no prime needs to use for that particular engine.

Step 2 —Pumping Primer Bulb

Now reach to the primer bulb, which is located on the side of the primer bulb. A rubber lid is included on this bulb to cover it.

You want to pull the bulb three times. Make sure you give a few seconds gap for each pull so that sufficient gasoline can get inside the carb.

Step 3 —Controlling Handle

If your lawnmower has a handle lever, you want to press it to release the mower brake. Hold onto the starter cord with both hands and pull acutely.

Continuing pulling until it does is the only way to make it happen. Even after trying several times, if the engine doesn’t work, you want to give it a rest for a few minutes.

You may smell gas. The flooding issue may have happened on the carb. Until you drain it, you may face difficulty in starting it.

Step 4 —Alternative Solution

If your lawnmower has a Ready Start Electric ignition system, you can start the engine by turning the ignition switch. You have no reason to take the hassle of priming. All you need is just releasing the key to involve the throttle, and the engine will start within seconds.

These are the required steps you want to walk through if you have a query about “How do you start a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower?”

Modern Small Engines – Why No Primer Bulbs?

Though you can start your lawnmower without primer bulbs, having one ensures fast and hassle-free engine running.

But modern small engines – why no primer bulbs?

Most primer bulbs are prone to be fragile or broken after a certain time. As a result, changing the bulb is the only option you have. Plus, starting your mower with primer bulbs is just a few more pulls. Nothing else!

Aside from that, most modern lawnmowers come with small engines, but they are power efficient. To save the space of the mower and make it less weighty, manufacturers are not using any primer bulb on modern small engines.

Hopefully, we got you covered on “Modern small engines – why no primer bulbs?”

Corded vs Cordless Lawn Mowers – Is A Cord Worth The Hassle?

Corded vs Cordless Lawn Mowers

Electric lawnmower either comes with cord or cordless. Unlike gas-powered lawnmowers, they make less sound, are hassle-free to maintain, and are less costly. Which one is better?

What is a Corded Mower?

It is one type of electrical lawnmower, which comes with a cord or cable. To run the machine, it needs a continuous power source from a socket.

What is a Cordless Mower?

It is the other type of electrical lawnmower, which doesn’t need any cord while operating. This type of mower features batteries where electric power is stored. The power will be used to cut your lawn.

However, you can also plug it in the charger source while running the machine. The battery will be recharged while you use the stored power to cut the grass.

Which is Better?

If your garden is huge, you can’t reach too far with a corded lawnmower. In that case, you need to attach an extra extension for it.

For a cordless lawnmower, you can’t reach anywhere as it does not require any cord. However, you want to make certain it has a sufficient amount of charge.

With a single charge, you can run a cordless lawnmower for up to 1.5 hours. Charging it more than one time will be necessary if your lawn is huge.

When the charge is low, your cordless lawn mower won’t work as fast as it would do for a fully charged battery.

What’s more, a cordless lawnmower has a slightly higher weight than a corded lawn mower due to the battery.

As for user convenience, a cordless lawnmower is far better than a corded lawnmower because you have no obstacle.

Lastly, the price of a cordless lawnmower is higher than a corded mower. When you consider all their features, both have pros and cons. So, it depends on personal preference to decide which one is better.

Final Thought

Having a primer bulb in your lawnmower gives you advantages. However, that does not mean you can’t start your lawnmower without a primer bulb—all you need is just to know how to start lawn mower without primer bulb correctly with a step-by-step method.

We have already shared all the precise details on how to start lawn mower without primer bulb. Hopefully, you have succeeded in starting your machine properly.

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