How To Make A Cheap Grow Box? Expert’s Advice

by Lee Safin

Often outside environments may not be suitable for growing your preferred plants. In such cases, growing plants in grow boxes will be more realistic, hassle-free, and you have more control. More importantly, you can control their humidity level by keeping them in a restricted environment.

Can you afford to buy grow boxes, which will cost around a hundred dollars or more? How about buying grow boxes of your own using recycled materials or from nearby stores? Any idea on how to make a cheap grow box? Making grow boxes without spending much is possible if you know the correct method.

This article will exactly tell you about “How to make a cheap grow box?” Read until we finish to learn it.

How To Make A Cheap Grow Box? Expert’s Advice
How To Make A Cheap Grow Box? Expert’s Advice

How to Make a Cheap Grow Box?

Basically, you have landed our page to learn about how to make a cheap grow box? Making cheap grow boxes is possible for various different types of materials. If your primary goal is saving money while making a quality grow box, then follow these tips to make it.

The Housing

How To Make A Cheap Grow Box? The Housing
How To Make A Cheap Grow Box? The Housing

To make a grow box, you want to use different materials for outer parts and inner parts. Rigid materials are best for the outside surface because they can bear the weight and pressure of several internal parts. Most importantly, it saves the plants from an unfavored environment.

So, what type of rigid materials should you use for grow boxes? You can use massive cardboard boxes. Adding foils gives added benefits. It will keep preventing light reflection. Also, moisture and water won’t quickly enter inside the grow box.

Alternatively, using several plastic bins seems a better choice as they are sturdier. Using two bins is enough. One should sit over the other upside down. After setting up the whole box with necessary accessories, you will keep the type of plants you want to grow inside the box. By using duct tape, an effective moisture seal can be formed between the two halves of the grow box.

The Heat Source

MR16 Halogen Bulbs 50W 12V GU5.3 Spotlight 36° Warm White Dimmable Bin-Pin Base Track Light Bulbs MR16 Bulbs With Clear Glass Cover 6 Pack
MR16 Halogen Bulbs 50W 12V GU5.3 Spotlight 36° Warm White Dimmable Bin-Pin Base Track Light Bulbs MR16 Bulbs With Clear Glass Cover 6 Pack

Do you live in a low-temperature area where plants are hard to grow outside the environment? Using a heater is undoubtedly a better option, but everyone may not have the budget.

In this condition, you can use lights, which generate a tremendous amount of heat. Halogen bulbs are a reliable option. Unlike regular bulbs, they have a unique construction as their quartz envelopes are very close to the filament. You will get your desired heat even if they lower wattage.

If you have unused or damaged corner lights, you can use them to create a rich heat source by crumbling them. They could be a perfect alternative to expensive heaters.

Air Circulation

Air Circulation - Cheap Ways To Make Grow Box
Air Circulation - Cheap Ways To Make Grow Box

You can purchase various types of fans from Companies that make commercial grow boxes. However, they are slightly expensive. If saving money is your primary goal, avoid it then by utilizing other options.

Instead, you can purchase old boxes of computers (CPU) where several small fans are added. Though these fans are small, their air circulation system is stable and can reach further space. While buying them, make sure their fans are working correctly.

You can use these fans inside your grow box. If your grow box is relatively larger, buy several old computer boxes for better coverage. Set up them in perfect locations to circulate air equally in all the space.


Making cheap grow boxes from cardboard is a budget-friendly option. However, they may fail to retain the heat generated by the bulbs.

In this situation, you can utilize an insulation system for retaining the heat. For example, if you plan to make massive grow boxes, take a few sheets of foam core boards, and cut them into pieces. Then, attach them inside the grow room one by one, especially on the four corners, to prevent the heat from going outside.

Plastic Foam Insulation For Grow Box
Plastic Foam Insulation For Grow Box

On the other hand, plastic foam insulation can be used for small grow boxes as heat-insulating materials. Collect or purchase some old China plastic foam cooler boxes and slice them into several pieces. Then, attach them inside the grow room one by one especially, on the four corners, to prevent the heat from going outside.

So, the points mentioned above should be your primary concern if you want to know about “How to make a cheap grow box?”

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Grow Box?

It depends on several factors, such as the materials you are using, the design you follow, and how long you will use them. According to many specialists, you will approximately need around $42 per square foot.

So, large grow boxes mean spending more money because of the extra materials you will use.

Can I Make a Grow Box Out of Cardboard?

Yes, you can make a grow box out of cardboard for flowers, vegetables, or small-sized plants. Cardboard boxes are handy and flexible to use for several purposes. A variety of shapes, types, and designs are available.

Besides, they are affordable too.

However, it should be only for the short term. Since the grow boxes’ sizes are not huge, large-sized plants are not suitable to use. It is essential to follow the proper methods when making a grow box. You can follow our above step guide on “How to make a cheap grow box?” to create them.

Is a Grow Box Worth It?

How will you respond if we tell you that grow boxes have more price than grow tents? Well, we are talking about commercially available grow boxes, not DIY grow boxes. The price of DIY grow boxes depends on how you make them and the materials you choose to create them.

Is a grow box worth it?

Grow boxes are worth to invest if you are new to internal-based gardening. You can effortlessly determine which types of plants will be more suitable to grow in your particular area.

After all, not all plants are perfect for growing in a specific location. Then, you can invest in grow tents as you now know which types of plants you should grow in grow rooms.

Moreover, grow boxes are easy to make, and they allow you quickly take care of plants. Since they cover small space in your home, garage, or outside environment, you don’t need to have much space to set them up. Making a grow room of your own is not a difficult task if you know the suitable method.

Growing vegetables in grow boxes are more suitable as you can ensure the right amount of water and fertilizer inside it. Additionally, keeping the humidity level at the correct level seems easy-going too.

How Do You Make A Smell Proof Grow Box?

How Do You Make A Smell Proof Grow Box?
How Do You Make A Smell Proof Grow Box?

Choosing the Right Material

To make a smell-proof grow box, you need the correct type of material. Many experts believe absorbing gel is an ideal choice as it can trap and control bad smells.

Utilizing a Carbon Filter

Apart from that, you want to use a high-quality carbon filter to control the smell of flowering plants. If you can utilize an inline fan along with the carbon filter, it will be the best.

Controlling the Humidity And Temperature

While growing flowering plants in grow boxes, controlling the humidity and temperature is essential. After all, they directly or indirectly play a role in raising the smell of flowering plants. Control the temperature and humidity as per the plants you are growing inside the grow box.

Ensuring No Holes

While making grow boxes, make sure there is no holes outer or inner part of the grow boxes. Otherwise, the favorable atmosphere will be compromised.

Ensuring Proper Ventilation

When there is proper airflow in all directions of grow boxes, unwanted smells will be less likely to develop. Choose high-quality fans that have enough speed to reach enough distances.

How Do I Make A Homemade Grow Room?

Making a grow room of your own is not a daunting task if you know the suitable procedure.

  • Choose a perfect place where you desire to create a grow tent. It can be your backyard space, garage, or any open space.
  • Make sure the space should not be porous by light.
  • Select the type of materials you will use, what you will use, and what process you will follow to make them.
  • Setup enough lights inside the grow room.
  • Ensure proper ventilation inside the grow room.

How Do I Start A Small Indoor Grow Op?

First of all, you need to decide which types of plants you will grow inside the grow op.

Then prepare a list of the materials you will require to make the grow op. For example, you will require bulbs, fans, soil, ventilation system technology, moisture and temperature controller, pots for plants, Composting nutrients, and a perfect way to water plants.

Apart from that, choosing a perfect location for better fresh air is a rule of thumb. If you can afford it, purchase an indoor grow tent so that you can keep it inside your home whenever necessary.

How Many Plants 10×10 Grow Tent?

How many plants you can grow on a 10×10 grow tent depends on the plants’ size. However, according to most experts, you can grow approximately 32 medium plants in a 10×10 grow tent. But, if you prefer to grow a little bit large plants, it will be around 24 plants. So, the bigger the plants, the more space you will need inside your grow tent.

How Do You Smell Proof A Grow Room?

Ensuring a smell-proof grow room requires you to take multiple steps. Here are they:

No. Steps To Take

  • Use ozone generators
  • Setup an activated carbon filter
  • Use Odor Absorber Gels
  • Control room temperature & humidity level
  • Ensure no hole inside or outside grow room
  • Keep enough airflow inside the grow room
  • What Supplies Do You Need For A DIY Grow Box?

You will need various types of materials to make a DIY grow box. Here is their list:
No. Items You Will Need

  • LED lights
  • Multiple small-sized fans
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Knife for cutting boxes
  • Aluminum foils
  • Marker
  • Glue
  • Bulbs for generating heat

What Strains Are Best For A DIY Grow Box?

What Strains Are Best For A DIY Grow Box?
What Strains Are Best For A DIY Grow Box?

Not all types of strains are suitable to plant on DIY grow boxes. After all, they are small. You should avoid planting any strains that need a considerable amount of space. One of them is Sativa strains, which are not ideal for growing in DIY grow boxes at all.

So, which type of strains should you grow inside a grow box? This might be your question, right?

Autoflowering seeds are the most popular type of strains to grow in grow boxes. As they merely grow five feet, managing them inside a compact grow box is easy-going. There is no set photoperiod for auto strains. Hence, light schedules won’t be a concern.

However, you may want to grow other types of non-auto seeds. In that case, study properly to choose a specific type that doesn’t grow much and can be easily growable inside grow boxes.

Often, you can have immense success growing feminized Indica strains inside grow boxes. These plants have broader leaves but are lower in height — and perfect for indoor growth.

How To Take Care of Your Plants?

So you now know about “How to make a cheap grow box?” but do you know how to take of them of the plants inside the grow box?

Whether growing plants inside or outside, knowing how to take care of your plants is essential. Here are the tips:

  • Watering your plants correctly, deeply, and regularly is necessary for maximum growth. But don’t overwater them. Otherwise, it will affect them negatively.
  • Since you are growing plants in grow boxes, ensure the right level of humidity. Try to maintain the humidity between 45% to 75%. Regularly check the humidity.
  • Ensure you have provided enough fertilizers for the plants for better and fast growth.
  • Don’t plant any plants that are hard to grow in grow boxes.
  • Observe the plants whether they have any diseases.
  • Maintain a favorable environment for plants.

How Can This DIY Grow Box Help?

Regardless of the type of grow box you make, ensuring enough light for the seedlings should be the main focus. As long as you provide sufficient light, you ensure perfect growth. So, knowing about “How to make a cheap grow box?” will benefit you in several ways.

What Do You Need To Build A DIY Grow Tent?

It should not be a hassle when you plan to make a DIY grow tent of your own. These are the materials and tools you will need for building a DIY grow tent.



Pipe Decor 3/4” X 24” Malleable Cast Iron Pipe, Pre Cut, Industrial Steel Grey Fits Standard Three Quarter Inch Black Threaded Pipes Nipples And Fittings, Build Vintage DIY Furniture, 4 Pack
Pipe Decor 3/4” X 24” Malleable Cast Iron Pipe, Pre Cut, Industrial Steel Grey Fits Standard Three Quarter Inch Black Threaded Pipes Nipples And Fittings, Build Vintage DIY Furniture, 4 Pack

PVC pipes are an ideal option for DIY grow tents. Forming frames of grow tents with the help of robust, affordable, and easily accessible materials seems convenient.

No matter how large or small your grow tent is, you need 16x straight pipes for the horizontals and verticals. However, the larger you grow the tent, the more lengthy pipes you will need.

Apart from that, you will need 4x t-fittings, 8x 90-degree corner fittings, and 1x cross fittings.

Panda Film

VIVOSUN Black And White Panda Film 10 X 10' 5.5 Mil Poly Film
VIVOSUN Black And White Panda Film 10 X 10' 5.5 Mil Poly Film

Various types of materials are available for the wall of grow tents, but panda films are the best. Make sure you keep the white side on the inside for light reflection to occur. And the black side should be outside for light absorption.

LED Grow Light

Grow lights are available in several forms, shapes, and prices. But LED lights are the best. They efficiently perform while having a longer lifespan.

Top 14 Best Led Light For 4×4 Grow Tent – Expert’s Review


Various types of fans are in the market for different grow tents. High-quality fans with further-reaching capability should be your primary consideration. Using a carbon filter provides added benefits. It eliminates odor and makes the air fresh.

Top 10 Best Exhaust Fan For Grow Tent – Expert’s Review


After collecting all materials, you need these tools too.

  • Cloth tape
  • Velcro
  • Hand saw

How To Build A DIY Cannabis Grow Tent In Just 3 Steps!

Apart from knowing about “How to make a cheap grow box?” you should also have a clear idea on “How to build a DIY cannabis grow tent in just 3 steps!”

After collecting all the materials and tools, it’s time to make the grow tent. Here are the steps:

Step 1 — Attach the Frame

If you have not found the right PVC pipes, cut them into pieces using the hand saw. Regardless of the size of your grow tent, 16 pipes are necessary to make the frame.

You will need 8 pipes for the roof, 4 pipes for the upright structure, and 4 for the base to support the whole tent.

After cutting them correctly, connect the pipes with the fittings. Create the frame in your own way. One cross fitting should be installed on the roof to provide enhanced stability to support all the things that will be installed on the roof.

Step 2 — Cover the Tent

Two times covering is necessary for your grow tent. First, you will cover the internal part of the grow tent using the white panda film. Then, use black film to cover the outer part of the grow tent.

Begin the covering process with the wall. Attach a single piece of panda film on each side and create 4 walls. Make the 4th wall a gate so that you can enter inside it easily. Put the film over the opening in the PVC pipe.

After setting the four walls, use another panda film to build the roof of the tent. Make sure there is no leakage inside the grow tent while setting it up.

Step 3 — Set Up Lights and Fans

Finally, set up lights and fans based on the manufacturer’s instructions inside the grow tents. After completing all the tasks, start the grow tents to check whether they are working correctly.

Final Thought

Are you still wondering about “How to make a cheap grow box?” Definitely not! We have outlined all the necessary details that you should know to understand everything about “How to make a cheap grow box?” Thanks for reading!

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